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When Beavertown came to Billericay Town

This Friday night just gone me and around 20 lucky beer drinkers were treated down to The Essex Beer Shop in Billericay for an interesting and up close lesson on the world of Beavertown Brewery.


Beavertown brew their beers in Hackney East London which once upon a time in Victorian London was called the De Beauvoir area, which was then referred to by the old Cockneys as Beavertown! The original set up was in the kitchen of their pub Dukes Brew and Que but now has moved to fish island due to demand for more space, which has meant they have been able to start experimenting with different beer production.

Logan Plant and Byron Knight both shared a vision of craft beer and BBQ restaurant combo which grew and developed into Dukes Brew and Que, somewhere I need to visit in the near future!

I have known of Beavertown beers for about half a year or so and every time I have had one of their beers they have just blown me away, their Black Belgian Saison (the name unfortunately slips my mind! I don’t know if it is the Black Betty or not as it was def a Belgian Black Saison?!) that was at the London Fields Londons Brewing beer festival for me was not only the best beer of the day but one of the best beers I have had all year long! Which really set the bar high for the evening down at The Essex Beer Shop.


Logan made his way down from the Big Smoke to The Sticks to take the role as guest host of the evening. He delivered his talk with such passion and an addictive enthusiasm about his beers which ran through out the entire evening. To start there was a very casual talk and sample with the first beer ‘Gamma Ray’ then we moved into a more structured introduction and master class into more Beavertown bevs. It was interesting to hear about the initial idea of the beer and to then taste the finished product and kind of go through the whole brewing process in your mind while enjoying such great tastes and smells . Through out the evening we spoke about how he brewed Gamma Ray, 8-ball, Smog Rocket, Uncle Joes Kvass, Barley Champagne, Lord Smog and a couple other very special beers (I will let Beavertown tell you about these truly OUTSTANDING brews in their own time!) The Core range that Beavertown produce is up there with the best but the alpha range is where Beavertown are turning really turning heads, Logan is like the Heisenberg of the beer world (had to throw in a Breaking Bad ref this week!)

For instance I had never heard of Kvass before and as explained on the night it is an old Russian drink sort of put together by throwing bits and pieces together which is then dished out to the masses. It had an interesting brewing process that included a lot of bread! The taste was something quite different to what I have had before and grew with the more I tasted much like the first time I ever tried a Belgian sour beer. I also picked up a bottle of the Barley Champagne which I think I may save for Christmas and open up for all the family to share at the dinner table, I also picked up a bottle of Smog Rocket which I really love and a bottle of Black Betty.


It was great to meet everyone there and have a chat with people especially Trevor who runs The Essex Beer Shop, Justin (@1970sBOY) that I had spoken to on twitter a few times and to see Podge popping along too! The beers after was a nice end to the evening too. I am looking forward for future evenings like this at The Essex Beer Shop and anyone who is able to get down and join in then I strongly recommend that you visit The Essex beer Shop.



Firstly thanks to The Essex Beer Shop for putting on such a great evening and secondly thanks for Logan’s time and insight to a selection of beers I honestly love! 

***Sorry for the lack of photos was too wrapped up in the beers!!! visit @1970sBOY for a couple of photos on twitter***

P.S I need one of those Beavertown T Shirts!!! I hope they do them in beer belly size!

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