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Weird Beard Brewing Co May Open Day


Straight off the bat I have to say Weird Beard is one of my favourites! Ever since I first see their beers a few years back at the start of this huge change in British beer scene I have loved their beers and their branding. Yet I had never made it to their brewery. To be honest West London is all fairly unknown to me, as most my time in London is spent either at work or in East London. So when I saw that they were opening the doors to their brewery once a month I knew I had to make the trek across Essex and London to sample their beers fresh from the brewery.


Although it’s a fairly long journey it couldn’t really be easier, straight on the Piccadilly line to Boston Manor and a nice 15 minute walk to the industrial estate which is home to the brewery.


The sun was out and my friend and I certainly hadn’t come alone as many other people came out to visit. On the day they had special brewery exclusive bottles of Jim Beam B.A Sadako which of course would be rude not to pick up a pair of bottles to take home. Also we were lucky to be able to try Little Things That Kill, Faceless Spreadsheet Ninja, Single Hop Centennial double IPA and Weird Brodmance on draught, as well as a huge bottle selection.


It was cool to meet some of the staff members I had spoke to on twitter, especially Natasha who was super friendly and even put by a t shirt aside for me to pick up, also her chocolate truffles were awesome! The beer snacks for the day were provided by Pig and Hay who make this banging pulled pork sausage roll which has given me inspiration to try and make something similar myself (although would be an impossible task to copy as Pig and Hay’s was so so so good).


Personally I really think the best way to sample beers from a certain brewery is to visit open days like this or their tap rooms, I couldn’t recommend it enough for people to make the journey over to Weird Beard on their next open day to drink their beers in the brewery itself.



It’s great to have a look around and I find it amazing that they are producing beer so good and regularly available in a brewery of such a modest size and now that they’ve acquired Jonny (previously of Brodies) to join the brewing team I can see their beers getting even better especially if the incredible Weird Brodmance is anything to go by…

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