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Veere, The Netherlands


As I mentioned on my last post I was recently sent on one of the river cruises that the company I work for provide and for one whole morning I was at leisure to explore the tiny town of Veere.  With a population that you could fit into Leyton Orients average home crowd three times (approx 1,500) Veere homes 3 churches, 2 windmills, a lighthouse and even a castle which is now a youth hostal?! The small port town that once use to be the staple port for Scotland but now the port is more for leisure boats owned by the locals. I think I covered most of the town in a half hours walk making my way past the port and down the lovely cobble stoned alleyways into the ‘main’ square. The main square consisted of about 5 shops each side and also a bar on each side also.


Seeing as I had around two hours to kill once I had seen all the historic houses and sights I thought it would be rude not to sample one of the cafes even though it was about 10am English time!

Now I am not saying this to gain beer nerd points or to inflate my blogging head BUT I can almost guarantee that the next two bar reviews you will read will be the first time you have ever heard of each of them!


The first place was ‘t Waepen Van Veere. On one side of the main square, outside it looks like a traditional pub with seating area outside but on the inside you walk into a squeaky clean modern bar interior. Also a hotel ‘t Waepen Van Veere looks like a family run business and although the interior reminded me of a fancy London city bar it still had that warm family atmosphere. They also had a lovely little beer display as decoration with some familiar Belgian beers on display. The real surprise was the beers on draught… Here I am in the most laid back tiny dutch retirement town and my eyes nearly popped out my skull when I saw what beers they had on as I walked in! A full draught selection of La Trappe trappist beers!!!! My inner beer nerd screamed for the quadruple as I have never had it before but my ‘work’ frame of mind reminded me it was 11am local time and I had a whole day of possible passenger conversation so I went with La Trappe witte their wheat beer also a beer I hadn’t had before!


A nice refreshing fruity wheat beer and I could have very easily worked my way through the other drinks in the hour that I was propping up the bar but I decided to move on. Although the bar across the green was also lovely looking I thought I would have a slow walk back to the vessel, which lead me to stumbling upon…



De peperboom was clearly a family run tavern with a ships and sailing theme running dominant throughout. A homely looking pub with lots of ship memorabilia and also the familiar scenes of vintage Belgian beer adverts with de halve maan showing popular. Few beers on tap including DeKoninick, a pilsner and Grimbergen Dubbel. Small bottle selection included Westmalle triple and Dubbel, duvel and a strong selection of fruit beers. I had a DeKoninick which I know very well then I took a random pick at one of the bottles, Kriek java by Havle Maan… well… I don’t really like giving bad reviews I would rather just not give a review but this was way to sweet for me and reminded me of a cherry cough sweet! Some times when you drink a lot of different beers like we do you get one you dislike I guess! Not to take anything away from the place though was just a bad random drink pick because this was a lovely homely pub that I really enjoyed. The food that was coming out of the kitchen looked AMAZING!!! I really wish I could have tried some to be honest! Also although I didn’t have a look myself I can see from their facebook page that they have a very impressive beer garden! Which on the day I was there would have been wonderful! Shame on me for not looking!


I doubt that I will ever get a chance to return to Veere but if anyone gets the opportunity to go there make sure you do and enjoy a very relaxed and pretty town, who knows maybe one day I can retire there!

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