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Tiny Rebel Brewery – Hot Box


Oh Tiny Rebel… I first saw one of Tiny Rebels beers reviewed online and as soon as I saw the beer label I thought ‘This is what I am talking about!!’ This beer is bringing the new age beer drinkers / brewers of my generation into the front line of today’s beer world. The graffiti like mascot for Tiny Rebel instantly got me and it wasn’t long before I hunted down a few bottles!

What the brewers say…

Hot Box

Style: Smoked Indian Ale

ABV: 5.7%

Bitterness: 49 IBU

Malt: Pale, Rauch, Munich, Carafa

Hops: Pacifica, Pacific Jade

Special Additions: Dry hopped with Columbus

Availability limited to: 4 casks, 11 kegs & 850 bottles

What The Half Pint Gentleman says…

Tiny Rebel tell us to ‘Defy your senses, Rebel against yourself’ and oh my do you with their beers! I have had a few smoked beers and if I am to be honest I am never really sure about them. The first one I ever had was awful and felt like I was chewing on ashes and as a result I think I have been a bit worried about trying them again. I am glad that I did with this one!

If I had to tell anyone to have a smoked beer then this is the one to try first because for me this is the best smoked beer I have had to date. When you take the first sip instantly you are hit with that smokey flavor but not too much then it disappears as you get a hint of hops but after swallowing the beer the smokey taste comes back out of nowhere. I have never smoked in my life but this is how I would imagine smoke to taste but not over powering.

I enjoyed it the more I drank it and I do recommend it to people … just forget what you think you know about beer and drink with an open mind!

More Tiny Rebel reviews to come soon…

please check their website for more info

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