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The Late Night Sour… A Rodenbach Review


My introduction to the world of sour beers / Lambic beers / Gueuzes was very much a ‘being thrown in the deep end’ … 10am I am in A La Mort Subite cafe in Brussels the morning after a night out in the motherland and along side my breakfast omelette I am sipping one of the A La Mort Subite beers! To be honest I wondered what the hell was going on in my glass… but after a short while I kind of became one with the sour tastes that kind of reminded me of a decent cider! Fast forward a little bit and again I am in Brussels and I am sipping a Cantillon beer and I am really starting to dig the flavors of these sour lamibc beers!

Now more to the point I have just cracked open and really enjoyed a bottle of Rodenbach that I bought a few months back on a trip to Bruges. For me this was the perfect level on Lambic, maybe the best sour beer to try for a newbie as it isnt too harsh or such a shock to the system as the others I have had so far. It has a cola – ish shade to it and really does have the perfect blend of sour and tartness to it!


I picked this up for peanuts too! I think i paid somewhere around 75p for this bottle!!!! On my next return to the motherland I think I shall be bringing back a couple of these bad boy bottles and hopefully get my hands on the Rodenbach Grand Cru …

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