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The Hop Beer Shop Wins CAMRA Chelmsford & Mid Essex Pub of the Year


Ever since I took my first step in The Hop Beer Shop I instantly fell in love with the first Micropub in Essex. I’m a huge supporter of Micropubs in general, I think we are going to see loads more opening up in the near future. As I mentioned in my previous post about The Hop Beer Shop I think the real success of a great Micropub is all down to the owner, the Micropub atmosphere takes on the personality of the owner. This is why it is no surprise to me that The Hop Beer Shop has been announced the winner of CAMRA Chelmsford and mid Essex pub of the year. I’m over the moon about them winning the award, after all the hard work from John, his family and all the staff since November 2014 this award is well and truly deserved.


The bottle selection has been brilliant recently and the addition of keg beers has been well received. One of the main reasons I love Micropubs is that it provides a relaxed open environment for people to try new beers. Someone who may have spent a life time drinking real ale but wants to explore new craft beer may feel a little awkward walking into Brewdog bar. But what John has created is a relaxed, comfortable and mixed surroundings for someone to make that first step over into new beer. Likewise The Hop Beer Shop attracts customers who are into new craft beers and gives them an option of trying real ale. There really is something for everyone, as it was proven last night as I watched people drink fruit beers, Belgian beers, German lager, Beavertown Neck Oil and perfectly kept cask beer.


Winning this award in the first 14 months of being open is a real achievement and one to be extremely proud of. It was great to see a packed house for the award presentation last night. I wish The Hop Beer Shop all the luck with more awards. Cheers guys.


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