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The Evening Star, Brighton


Throughout my memories of drinking in the pubs around Brighton The Evening Star has always been at the top of the list. A short few minutes walk from the station makes The Evening Star the perfect first or last place to visit if you are planning a pub crawl around Brighton!


Walking into the pub almost feels like walking back in time! A low ceiling, old wooden pillars, rows of old beer bottles circling the room and dimmed lights help make this pub feel warm and comfortable. The bar is found in the corner of this fairly small pub and has always served decent beer for as long as I can remember, and today (to no surprise) it has raised the bar with their beer menus even higher! Real ale, craft beer, Belgian Beers, world beers, wines and ciders grace the chalk boards menus, hand pumps, kegs and fridge doors. There is always a hustle and buzz around the pub mixed with all kinds of people ranging from young students, older real ale tickers and people straight from work.


Owned by Dark Star brewery you can always expect a good range of their beers as well as some of their merchandise for sale at the bar too. When Dark Star first started it was a micro brewery in the cellar of The Evening Star and as the brewery grew it then had to move out. Dark Star brewery is a great example of a brilliant brewery that has been successful for some time, even when it was difficult to get such a wide selection of beers so easily as it is now. They have also now embraced the new beer movement with open arms and has help pave the way for a lot of new breweries.


Unfortunately my time in here was short and I only had time for a half but what a half! Ilkley brewery produce some fine beers but I was finally able to try The Mayan… Wow! If I had drank this in 2014 this would have gone straight to the top of the Golden Pints list (soon to be posted!) so it will take some beating over the next year! Chocolate coffee flavours with a pinch of warmth from the chilli that leaves your lips tingling a good half hour after drinking! If you see this chocolate chipotle stout on your travels then don’t leave without trying it!


The Evening Star always has always been and will continue to be Brightons flagship pub for great beer and a visit to to the sea is not complete with at least a swift half in The Evening Star!

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