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Speakeasy – Prohibition Ale


I am now diving into the unknown! American beers seem to be growing and spreading like a plague on my internet views recently, it is possibly a big catalyst in to why I am now blogging and using Instagram. In a moment to cure my boredom at work I first started to learn and read about American beers and how there is a whole different world out there other then the usual crap of Budwiser and Miller. Its exciting! And thankfully in a totally American fashion they aint doing it small scale … this is big in your face revolution in the beer world!

My good friend Paul went to visit his brother in New York recently and as I had started to influence some new beer tastes in his life I encouraged him to do a little detective work when he is in the big apple regarding their new boom of beer.  What I didn’t expect was him to return with some goodies for me to sample!

Speakeasy Prohibition Ale was one of these gifts that had returned with my friend. Speakeasy is a microbrewery located in Hunters Point near San Fran and is fairly well available around the bars and restaurants of San Francisco. Their beers tend to lean in humor towards the prohibition times in American history and focuses a lot on gangsters and mobsters.

When I opened this beer I almost saw the hops fly out the bottle and bitch slap me around the face! It was that strong! It made me feel a little worried about how strong the hopiness in the beer would be but I am guessing this effect is to do with American hops being more potent to the hops I am used to as when I took my first taste I was pleasantly surprised that the taste wasn’t as strong as the smell. You do get that first taste of hops but almost instantly you get this malty caramel taste come from round the back of the beer and put its arms around the hop flavor and give it a big hug till you cant taste it no more. I am not sure but I am also getting a very slight smokey aftertaste.

Basically I love it! I also feel like I am learning a new understanding for regional taste, I can clearly pick out the difference between this American taste to an English bitter or a Belgian brew.

I wish I could get this on the regular and easily but I know this is a treat for me but if I was in the middle of a dry spell in the Prohibition era I would gladly put a tommy gun to a marks head to get a bottle of this!

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