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Sorachi Screwface – Brewing with Braumaster Ben

I wake up to the sound of horrendous rain pissing it down outside on a gloomy post bank holiday Tuesday morning. The rain continues and my train is delayed but despite this I am still in good spirits, as today I was brewing my first big collaboration beer. I first met the guys from 40FT Brewery several months back (which you can read here) and since then I have got to know them well. It’s been great to see them grow and find their beers in more venues. Brewer Ben Ott has a great brewing history, from learning the ropes in Germany growing up, to creating some of the most popular beers during London Fields good times, as well as tweaking some of Trumans recipes to be as good as they are at the moment.


The plan for the day was to brew a beer for the second Vinyl Gravity series, a collaboration project where Ben brews a beer with someone then they DJ at the beer release night. The previous event was with James Boatright head brewer at Cotswold Brewery Co, who is also an Orient fan so we are going back to back O’s beers! Much like Orients previous two seasons, the beer we planned to brew would be a sour one. The seed of idea for the collaboration brew first grew from a discussion about the Sorachi Ace hop, one of my favourite hop varieties as many would have read on my blog before. Ben had a bunch of Sorachi Ace hop left after another collaboration brew Tonkotsu Sorachi Ale with Melissa Cole. It soon developed into the idea of using it for a single hop sour beer hopefully turning out about 4%, I like sour beers but it would have never been my first choice of beer to brew. Which makes this collaboration interesting, as Ben isn’t the biggest fan of Sorachi Ace. By bringing my apprehension of brewing a sour, and Ben’s lesser love of the Sorachi Ace, along with the help of the Braumiester kit we hope to have created something wonderful!

Sorachi Screwface was born!

Before my love of beer at the level it is now I had another massive passion, that was UK Hip Hop. Not that I could even attempt to plug a microphone into a mixing desk now days, I did once study Music Technology back in my college years. During my three years at Southend college I hung around my good buddy Blokey’s record store, not only was he a friend but he was a mentor in keeping it real! I would spend hours going through the UK Hip Hop records, and at the same time there was a bit of Essex Hip Hop scene happening around me. Although I dropped mics for pints I still like going down memory lane and spinning some of those records I got over the years, although I pre warn anyone who is coming to the event… I could never mix I was just a vinyl junkie! Luckily though Ben is a pretty good DJ! So on the release night for Sorachi Screwface we will be spinning a few UK Hip Hop records in celebration of both our love of Old School UK Hip Hop.

It was really cool to hang out with Ben all day and see the brewery in action too as he was brewing the usual 40FT brews at the same time as our creation. Hopefully it turns out good and I would love to see loads of happy faces down at the brewery to get your Sorachi Screwface on while nodding your head to some UK Hip Hop classics!



Vinyl Gravity 2 release night is Friday 24th June at the 40FT Brewery tap yard, come down and join us as we explain the brewing of the sour and relive some classic UK Hip Hop.


Disclaimer – Ben invited me down to the brewery to do the collaboration beer. All reviews of the beer from myself will be completely bias as I helped brew it and it will be the dogs bollocks! *The photo of Ben and myself was taken by Andreas Pattersson on behalf of 40FT and not me.

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