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Solvay Society Tritium Tripel Mushroom Risotto with Garlic Butter Flatbreads

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

I am new to making Risotto, I only made it for the first time recently much to my friends warning, claiming that I will love it and end up making it often. She was correct! It is so easy (if not a bit attention needing) and there are so many flavours you can experiment with. Most recipes will include white wine but this recipe uses Tritium Tripel from Solvay Society, but you could use any bottle of Tripel, Saisons or even a Belgian Wit.

Solvay Society have been brewing Belgian inspired beers in London since 2014, their brewery is currently based in North Ilford but having their classy-intimate taproom at a different site in Leytonstone. Founder Roman Hochuli was born in Brussels and takes Belgian inspiration for his beers, his previous scientific background is inspiration for the names and for the brewery to be called Solvay Society. Tritium has been one of Solvay Society's early core beers, is a 7.5 Pink Peppercorn Rye Tripel that pours a clear golden colour with a sweet bread and pepper aroma. The beer has a full mouthfeel with sweet flavours of apricot and a warm pepper finish, perfect to drink alongside this dish too.

Solvay Society Tritium Tripel Mushroom Risotto - Serves 4-6 (leftovers can be used for this Arancini ball recipe)

  • Bottle of Solvay Society Tritium Tripel (or any bottle of Tripel/Saison) 200ml for Risotto the rest to drink!

  • Finely chopped mushrooms (any type mix it up)

  • 1 Onion finally chopped

  • 400g Risotto rice

  • 1ltr Chicken/Veg stock

  • 150g Grated hard Italian cheese plus some for topping

  • Knob of butter

  • Cut herbs for topping (Chive flowers optional!)

  • Salt & Pepper

Garlic Flatbread - Makes 6 large flatbreads

  • 175g Self raising flour

  • 175g Plain flour

  • 350g Greek yogurt

  • Tablespoon baking powder

  • 50g Butter

  • Finely chopped garlic

  • Chopped Chive Flower (optional)

  • Sprinkle of Dill (chopped fresh or dry - optional)

First up prep your flatbreads and garlic butter. Weigh out your flours and yogurt, then mix together in a large bowl with the baking powder. You don't have to go all in on the kneading, this is a quick easy bread recipe and you just need it to all form together to make a nice dough, if you feel it a little sticky still add some more self raising flour. Form a ball, cover the bowl with clingfilm and put to the side till later on in the day when you start cooking. Finely chop some garlic, if you have any chive flowers add these (I am a bit obsessed with them recently after finding out you can eat them and they have this delicate sweet onion flavour) and dill if you are choosing to add them to your garlic bread. Mash them up into a ball with your hand and put back in the fridge for later.

It is easier to make your garlic bread first as you need to be constantly focused on the risotto and I don't want any accidents with hot frying pans or burnt flatbread. Cut the ball of dough into 6 pieces. Flour your rolling board and pin well and roll out each of the balls, go wild these do not need to be perfect shapes but you want to roll them out till they are about a couple centimetres thick. Have a dry frying pan on a high heat and add your first flatbread. Have a large cutting of tin foil next to you while cooking the bread and the butter from the fridge you made earlier. Heat the dough in the frying pan for about 2-3 mins each side till it starts to cook and brown, it will be quicker as you go on and the pan is hotter. Cut the butter up into 6 pieces and just before you finish heating the bread add the bit of garlic butter to your flatbread and spread it out, melting all over the top. Put your bread in the tin foil and wrap to keep warm. Repeat this till you have finished all 6 breads. Keep the breads wrapped in the tin foil, pop them in the oven for 5 minutes before dinner if they have cooled down too much.

Have your stock ready and on a low heat to keep the stock just at a simmer throughout the entire cooking time. Chop your onion and choice of mushrooms, for this recipe chop your mushrooms into small cubes but if you plan on eating the lot and not leaving any for this Arancini recipe then cut your mushrooms however you wish. In one pan gently fry the onion in half the knob of butter for about 5-8 mins till the onion softens. At the same time in a separate frying pan cook your mushrooms, once cooked put aside for adding to the risotto later, add the juices in your frying pan from the mushrooms to your stock.

Once the onions are soft add the risotto rice and mix everything together. Add the Solvay Society Tritium, or whichever beer you are using, to the pan and again mix everything together till the risotto rice absorbs the beer. Using a ladle, one scoop at a time, add the stock to the risotto while constantly stirring everything together. One of the most important parts of the recipe is to make sure you have the remaining beer in a glass next to you for constant sipping throughout, continuing to stir a risotto can be boring work and you need that little bit of entertainment to keep you going! Keep stirring in the stock ladle by ladle till it has gone and your risotto is soft with a bite to it, this usually takes about half hour. Add the grated cheese, leaving some for the topping, the chopped cooked mushrooms, remaining half of knob of butter, salt and pepper. Stir together and serve with the rest of the grated cheese, some extra pepper and chive flowers (optional!).

Solvay Society Brewery

Website - Solvay Society

Twitter – @SolvaySociety

Facebook – Solvay Society

Instagram – Solvay Society

Disclaimer - I have been friends with Roman for several years now and consider him a good buddy. The beers used in this recipe was sent to me free of charge as a birthday present. However, I do not feel this has an effect on my opinions.

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