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Smokey Railway Porter Chili Con Carne

Although obviously the best thing to do with one of your favourite beers is to drink it I thought I might dabble with a bit of a cooking with beer.


Five Points Railway Porter is one of my favourites, I picked a few bottles up from Ales By Mail a while back and have been meaning to do this recipe but I just keep on drinking them! Chili con carne is a thing of beauty so I thought I would combine the two. You want to cook this for as long as possible as chilis are so much better cooked for a lengthy time. I’ve chosen Five Points Railway Porter but this would work with any stout or porter.



  1. 500g lean mince meat

  2. 2 smoked bacon rashers

  3. Can of kidney beans

  4. Can of chopped tomatoes

  5. Couple squirts of tomato puree

  6. 1 red onion

  7. 1 pepper of your choice (I had green)

  8. 2 big cloves of smoked garlic

  9. Smokey chipotle oil (olive oil if you cant get this)

  10. Few mushrooms

  11. 1 tbsp smoked paprika (more to adjust if needed)

  12. 2 tbsp chili powder (more to adjust if needed)

  13. 1 tbsp ground cumin (more to adjust if needed)

  14. 1 tbsp marjoram

  15. Handful of chopped coriander

  16. 330ml bottle of Five Points Railway Porter (Another to have on the side… optional)

  17. 1 mug of basmati rice (2 mugs of water)

  18. Sour cream (optional)

  19. Chop up all your onion into slices and garlic into tiny pieces then chuck it in a hot frying pan with the chipolte oil, fry it all for 5 mins till soft, stirring throughout.

  1. Add the chili, cumin, smoked paprika and chopped pepper to the pan and give it a good old mix.

  1. At the same time get a large saucepan really hot and add the bacon, chipotle oil and lean mince meat. You want the heat high to brown the meat, breaking it up and stirring it as you go. This should take 5 mins or so.

  1. Chop up your mushrooms and add them to your onions and peppers and give it a good mix.

  1. Pour the bottle of beer into the browned mince meat. Then throw in the can of tomatoes, some tomato puree, marjoram and coriander, give it all a good stir while adding all the contents of your frying pan. Bring it all to the boil.

  1. Once it has got to boiling point bring the heat right down as low as possible. You will want to cook it as long as you can (I cooked mine for about 2 hours) so you will have to keep an eye on it and stir as much as possible to stop it catching the bottom of the pan.

  1. An hour in add the tin of kidney beans, add a splash of water to the tin and make sure you get all that kidney bean goodness in the pan. You may also need to add water throughout so that it doesn’t dry up. Taste the spice levels and decide if you want any more of the spices in, if so sprinkle it in and mix it up.

  1. When you are getting to the end cook up some white basmati rice, fill up a mug of rice then boil it with 2 mugs of water. Turn the chili off the heat and let it rest for 5-10 mins or so before serving. Serve with another bottle of the Railway Porter (if unlike me you haven’t drank the others!) and if the chili sprinkling got out of control you may also want some sour cream on the side. Of course like everything in life it will be even better with grated cheese on top of it.


This easily made enough for a big dinner for 4, the misses and I actually got 2 dinners and a lunch each out of it! You can freeze it also for a later date.


Tuck in and enjoy!

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