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Signal Lager Batter Halloumi Bites

Life before BBQ Halloumi was pretty dull! I remember my mate Rich putting them on a BBQ a few years back and I had never tasted it before… Instantly hooked!


Then last week I hit a new level of Halloumi heaven just before the night of 40FT Brewery and my Sorachi Screwface Sour beer release. Ben was showing me around the new rooftop bar overlooking the brewery called the Dalston Roof Park. Steve, one part of 40FT Brewery, also works on Root and Bone magazine (he is an awesome food photographer) and the food hut upstairs is organised by Root and Bone, at the time BonnesFrites were sending food out the Root and Bone kitchen. The food looked and smelt incredible and I was lucky enough to try the Halloumi fries… Mind blown! Serious taste orgasm. If you thought mozzarella sticks were good, then you’ll love these!


Photo credit to BonnesFrites Instagram… Check them out, shame about my shut eyes!

I wanted to try and give something similar ago, so fried Halloumi was on my to do list. Like with any frying, may it be fish, chicken or even pickles, lager goes great in the batter.


New breweries pop up all over the place in London, it’s hard to keep up. When I received an email asking if I would like to try Signal Lager my suspicions were raised as I had never heard of them. The cans were delivered in a cool bag, which I was impressed with, they say that they use a technique called “Route Seven” that ensures Signal Lager never rises above its optimum serving temperature from conditioning tank to serving glass. I’m not sure how they do this but I can imagine it isn’t easy. The beer is unfiltered and unpasteurised and brewed at nearly freezing temperature, to improve clarity of the beer. The lager is smooth, slightly creamy and has a sweet finish weighing in at 4.8%. You can get hold of Signal Lager from Craft Metropolis here.

I made this recipe for two people as a starter, if you are making for more or want it to be a huge plate worth then just double all the ingredients.

  1. 250g Halloumi cheese

  2. 125g Plain flour

  3. 1 Egg, yolk and white separated

  4. 150ml Signal Lager, must be cold (you can use any other lager or pale ale)

  5. 65ml Ice cold water

  6. Veg Oil

Sift the flour into a large bowl, add the egg yolk and gradually whisk in the lager, then the water and keep whisking hard till well combined.


Whisk the egg white in a separate bowl till it becomes white and fluffy. Then fold into the batter. Leave in the fridge for at least half hour if possible.

Fill a deep saucepan to about half way with enough veg oil, please please please be careful, frying at home scares the shit out of me! Heat it up to the point that if you drop a bit of batter into the veg oil it crisps up instantly.

Cut the block of Halloumi into slices. Dip the Halloumi in the batter and then very carefully slide it into the hot veg oil. Fry till it turns a nice golden colour this should only take about 3-4 minutes if that. Bring the halloumi out of the veg oil carefully with a slotted spoon so not to drip, place on some kitchen paper and give it a little pat to help take off that oil. You will be left with loads of batter most likely so feel free to fry a few other bits, pickles or bananas.


Season and serve with a little side salad, mine was with rocket, lemon and Parmesan slices.

Disclaimer – I was sent the cans of Signal Lager for free. However, this has not affected my opinions. I also was given the halloumi fries on the house (as was the beer for them later), however this certainly didn’t affect my opinion as they were fucking awesome!!!

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