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Oscar Wilde Mild Beefy Goodness!


Mighty Oak brewery have an awesome award winning mild called Oscar Wilde and I had some that I had to use up, so to go along with a nice glass of Oscar I thought I would also use it to cook dinner for everyone. Below you can see my recipe!


Braising Beef (I used two packs of braising steak as I am feeding 4 and hoping for some for lunch tomorrow too!) use as much as you see fit really!

10-12 Shallots

Mushrooms (Mix them up if you can! I have chestnut and your average button mushroom which isn’t very exciting)

1 Onion

5 Slices of lovely smokey streaky bacon

Clove of garlic (big one not too much more though)

sprinkle of plain flour to thicken that sauce up

a half pint glass full of Oscar Wilde (or any mild, porter or dark beer etc) I splashed a bit more in too as there was a lot of food going on in the casserole dish)


Ok preheat your oven, you can leave it in there all afternoon if you like so at least hour and half on 180 or of course a bit lower for longer cooking plans.

Firstly dice up your shallots and cook them for around 5 minutes till they are softened then put them in your casserole dish.


Sort your beef out, I had to cut mine up but you may have bought already diced beef. Brown the sides for a few minutes then add your beer and splash of flour. Bring it all to a boil then add it to your shallots in your casserole dish.


Slice your onions up however you like, I have done mine big and chunky! Beef and onions go so well together, How well? So well they make them a flavour for packs of crisps! Soften your onions then add the diced garlic and cut up some of that smokey bacon which will compliment the award winning mild taste. Give that a few minutes in the frying pan before adding it to your casserole dish.


Give it a good mix up, do your Jamie Oliver and over sprinkle pepper and salt if you like, I dont add salt to my dishes but I did grind a nice bit of pepper in.


Put it in the oven for the afternoon or the next few hours go drink some beers and chill out.


I had this with mash potatoes but you could do Belgian style with some chips or maybe dumplings and veg?

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