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Mother Kelly’s, Bethnal Green London

One sound rule in pub rep is, ‘if they offer you a sample before you try then you’re in a good place’…  So going by that rule Mother Kelly’s is a truely awesome place.


Last night (Friday 16th May) I made a quick visit to Mother Kelly’s for the second time in a month! As soon as we walked in we were greeted by the incredibly friendly bar staff who talked us through the impressive beer menu and made sure we sampled at least 6 before choosing! So going back to my opening line, going on that rule this surely makes for a great venue already. The friendliness of the bar staff and their quite clear passion for good beer are not the only reasons that make Mother Kelly’s, in my eyes, one of the best places to drink in London (yes that’s how much I enjoy it here).


A converted arch of Bethnal Greens overhead railway line is the home to M.K’s, following in the success of turning these railway spaces into New beer places. It is a stones throw away from the Bethnal Green tube station making it very convenient for many passers by on their way home to Stratford or to the end of the central line.


Outside the arch are a good number of outside benches which makes great seating on a warm day like it was on my second visit. Inside there are rows of thick wooden tables as well as some huge old barrels to sit by and a row of chairs at the bar. The bar at the back has the row of taps for 25ish different drinks and there is also a collection of spirits and soft drinks etc the left hand side is a sight to behold. A wall of bottled beers from all over the world perfectly labeled and set out with drink in prices and the reduced take away prices. The right hand side of the wall is a huge brilliant piece of graffiti art. In the day it’s big and bright and at night, like our first quick visit, it’s romantically dark with lots of candle light.



I noticed a few small touches of brilliance on my second visit, small touches that to me makes a real difference. On each table next to the nice flowers are bottles of table water with glasses. Simple things does it for me. Also there was a small bookcase with a small collection of beer books, something that if I was to ever own my own establishment I would 100% have. Then we have quite possibly thee best toilets I have ever been in around London at a beer/craft beer/real ale venue! Whoever designed and put that together hats of to you! Using the same idea I see once in Amsterdam’s De Prael brewhouse the sink taps are beer taps. Great fun!



I don’t have enough space to go through their bottle range but it’s very impressive and ever growing but I can quickly go through the draught beers. A great selection of beers here including Beavertown, Evil Twin, Broadies, Siren and Burning Sky to name a few. Even the proseco came on draught! You can see the menu in these pics below.


I read somewhere that there was a possibility they might brew their own beer on site which would be awesome as long as it doesn’t affect the already high standard I have of Mother Kelly’s. I really like Mother Kelly’s as you may have guessed from this post but I’ve only actually really spent an hour and half here in two very quick visits so I must spend more time here and I am sure over the next few months I shall be showing my face again.

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