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Mikkeller bar, Copenhagen Denmark


Mikkeller, possibly the modern beer geeks most highly admired name in the world of beer. I am going to hold my hands up, I slept on Mikkeller for ages and maybe in an act of stubbornness ignored the ‘hipsters’ hype around them! As I learnt the story of Mikkeller the more I started to listen, the classic story of two twins splitting up and starting two different beer brands (Evil Twin/Mikkeller) then growing into this mystic gypsy brewer visiting the world’s  famous breweries to brew his beer, it’s hard not to be attracted to such a story.


My only previous run in with Mikkeller wasn’t the most memorable moments, not due to the beer itself as it was amazing but the fact I had three pints of 10% monks Exilir in the King Will after a day at the football, so the reason for it not being memorable was solely down to me! None the less I was starting to look differently at Mikkeller and it’s followers in a different way then I was originally.

Fast forward to to the end of July and I find myself on a flight to Copenhagen to join one of my works cruise ships to start a trip around half of the Baltic. As with most of my work trips I don’t get too much time to myself to be able to see parts of the places I am in interested in, for example the pub! But it was 11pm on a Friday night and not long after having dinner and unpacking I thought it’s now or never!


A 40 minute wait and an extortionate £25 9 minute taxi journey later I am standing outside a packed to the ceiling, dimly lit, buzzing bar… Mikkeller bar! Outside there are rows of pub benches packed full of young trendy looking folk, inside you step down a few steps into the low bar area with a few tables around with candle light and people busy chatting over beers. A small square bar hosts 20 taps mostly all with different Mikkeller beers. The Danish speak perfect English so no worry about any problems ordering you beer, the only problem you will face is picking which one!


I went for the Amass B&W West Coast style IPA, mouth bursting fruity creamy IPA! This was up there with one of the best American/Indian Pale Ales I have ever had! Due to the taxi taking most my money and having the possibility of over an hour walk back to where my bed was I had to make the visit quick so I could catch the last train back to somewhere much closer to where I had to be! There was still a huge amount of people there when I left and it was a really nice evening still warm at midnight so most of the crowd was still outside when I left!


The next day I had some spare time so after making a quick visit to FC Copenhagen’s ground so I made another visit to Mikkeller bar in the day time, although due to sailing times this trip was even quicker! Still in the afternoon there was a lot of people about. The rooms seemed a lot larger and brighter in the daylight but it still had a vibe about it. A group of Americans was taking up most the bar giddy eyed looking at the huge list! This time I ordered a Beer Geek Breakfast… Wow! Perfect! Coffee and chocolate perfection!


I was worried about prices before leaving as Mikkeller usually demands a high price tag and I wasn’t wrong as such, the whole of Denmark is expensive for us tourists! You could have small 150ml glass so you could save a few penny’s and get to try more of the stronger beers without getting too swozzelled but however I did see the most expensive pint I have ever seen…  One of the specials they had on was a beer called Saeson from New Zealand based brewery 8 wired weighing in at over £20 a pint! There was also a name I know well… The Kernel ‘Citra IPA’ and you could get a pint of that for £13! Don’t get me wrong I am not overly complaining here, I knew it would be this price however I didn’t care and every sip of the Beer Geek Breakfast was worth it!


So although I am still not up there with the hardcore Mikkeller lovers I am now transformed as a big fan. With its iconic status it now has I can big up my beer geek status and say that I have been to the Mikkeller bar, I would without doubt recommend it to anyone who is in the impressive city of Copenhagen!

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