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Mango & Kiwi Roadie Pork Belly Strips

I love kiwi and fortunately for me my work place doesn’t seem to. We get two fruit deliveries a week at work in an attempt to encourage healthy eating (when we aint scoffing doughnuts or treats that people bring in!) and usually we get the same old boring apples and pears, but this last fortnight we have had a tonne of kiwis. It seems that there are only a few people eating them and after seeing a plate load of them Friday night I decided to save them from becoming rotten by taking them all home. I haven’t seen much in the way of cooking with kiwi and this recipe is mostly made up by myself, but thankfully I thought it really worked.

Signature Brew Roadie is one of my favourite beers, a real session IPA that I could happily sip all afternoon. The first time I had it I was hit with this strong mango flavour. I had seen pork and mango dishes before and thought that the kiwi and can of Roadie would work well with it. I had pork belly strips in the freezer but to be honest it is not my favourite cut of pork, it’s really fatty and I think I would have preferred pork chops. Another idea is to not have this with rice but to cut up the pork into chunks and make kebabs with them for the BBQ, using the pork in the mango and kiwi Roadie sauce alongside some pineapple maybe?

  1. Pork Belly Strips

  2. 2 x Kiwis

  3. 1 x 1Mango

  4. Can of Signature Brew – Roadie

  5. 2 x heaped tspn of honey

  6. 1 x tspn of cornstarch

  7. 1 x Heaped tpsoon of chopped chilli

  8. 2 x red onions sliced

  9. 1 x Orange or yellow pepper sliced

  10. Basmati rice

  11. 1 x can of coconut milk

  12. Handful of chopped coriander

  13. Salt and pepper for seasoning

First soak the pork in a third of the can of Roadie and let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours. After the pork has been chilling in the Roadie for a few hours, chop the kiwis into small pieces, remove all the flesh of the mango, chop the chilli and half of one of the onions, place it all in a blender with the honey and another third of the can of Roadie. Wazz it up till its smooth liquid. Sprinkle in some salt and pepper and give it another quick wazz. Enjoy the final third of Roadie to yourself!


Put the sauce in a saucepan. Mix some water with the cornstarch so it thickens without being lumpy before adding it to the mango and kiwi sauce. Bring to boil for a few mins while stirring so the sauce thickens up a little.

Cover the pork strips in the sauce and put in the oven at 190 for half hour.


While the pork strips are cooking cut up the rest of the onion and pepper into thin strips, these will be for putting on top of your pork strips later. Once the pork has had 25 mins you will need to do the rice, empty the coconut milk into a sauce pan, then fill the empty can with basmati rice (warning this will make enough for the whole family or for lunch the next day) then add another cans worth of boiling water. Bring to boil and cook till rice has absorbed all the liquid.


Once the pork has been in the oven for 30 mins flip them over and cover with a little more sauce, cook for a further 10 mins. Cook the onion and peppers for 5 mins in a frying pan. Quickly heat up the remaining mango and kiwi sauce for a couple of minutes.


Put some rice on the plate, your piece of pork with the red onion and pepper on top then drizzle the warm mango and kiwi sauce over the top. Sprinkle some chopped coriander on the rice and serve with a can of Signature Brew Roadie.

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