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Malting Pot bottle shop, Brussels Belgium


The night before the Brussels beer festival the misses and I were enjoying some beers in Le Grain d’Orge cafe and also were deep in conversation with the locals and during our chat we were recommended a beer shop called Malting Pot. With an address drunkenly scribbled onto the back of a beer mat we set out to visit the shop, as it was only a ten minute walk from our hotel in the Ixelles area.


On the corner of Y shaped street is the small and smart looking bottle shop called Malting Pot. Dark wooden floors and shelves are presented neatly and have some really special beers arranged on them. This shop reminds me of a lot of the new beer shops popping up across the UK in the last couple of years.


There are beers here that you most likely cannot get in any of the other bottle shops in Brussels and at much more of a reasonable price then most the other shops nearer the centre of town. There were beers from lots of new micro breweries that I have never seen before among these shelves and are organised into Brussel breweries, Flanders and Belgium specialties.


There were some faces that I knew well as they also had a good selection of American and Mikkeller beers as well as a few British beers including Brewdog, Tiny Rebel and Thornbridge.


The guy who owned it was very nice and talked us around the shop explaining what was from where and what type of beers they were. I highly recommend visiting this shop if you are after something a little bit more adventurous then your usual (although still brilliant) Chimay, Delirium or Westmalle etc.


The beers I picked up I had never heard or seen before, La Mere Vertus – Une Sachee Triple, Mad Yeast – Mad Saison, Beryllium Erbium – Pina Calda IPA, Brasserie de Bastogne – Ardenne Stour & De Struise – Ypres Double Barrel Aged Flemish Brown Sour.

Malting Pot

For more info check Malting Pot website 

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