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London Fields Texan Tea


While my American beer buddies across the pond on Thursday 27th November were sitting down with their families about to tuck into a big turkey and talk about their thanks I was in East London walking through the doors of London Fields Brewery tap room ready to try the new addition to London Fields Brewery arsenal. Thanksgiving is an American tradition that although I feel should be kept American I don’t actually mind, unlike the embarrassing scenes we witnessed the day after on Black Friday (you can keep that one thanks America!). So it seemed fitting that on Thanksgiving I was raising a glass of American style black IPA.


Way back in April I meant to write a review of London Fields tap room as I went there for my birthday and really enjoyed it, but like a lot of posts it has taken ages to get done or slipped through the net (must must must do some more posts) When I first visited the tap room after the first beer festival London Fields held I thought it felt unfinished to be honest. So, much to my delight, when I visited in April it felt and looked much better. With the use of hops, great art work and table decorations the wooden interior looks great. You are greeted by a huge beer menu above the bar which cannot help but grab your attention.



You can usually always sample the entire core selection both on keg and hand pump which is spread over 5 hand pumps and 10 different keg beers. There is a selection of wine, cider and also there is a fridge full of other London Field beers along side some other classic beers such as a few Belgian bottles.


I noticed the release party for their Saison a month or so back but was unable to attend. So when an email popped up while I was looking for something me and my pal could do to one evening while chatting over a few beers it was like fate that the email ended up in my inbox. The email was from London Fields and it was inviting me and it’s Facebook friends to the release night of Texan Tea, perfect!


The Texan Tea is an updated version of their American Black Ale that I had back in April from London Fields bootleggers series (now with added stronger American hops), which happened to be both mine and my girlfriends favourite beer on that day. We arrived at the tap room bang on 6 and was given our free token to try the new beer as we entered. My half was from the hand pump and my pal went for one on keg to see how the flavours differed. It was interesting actually as I much preferred mine then my pals one from keg, mine had a warmer feel to it and you could taste that rich smokey roasted coffee/chocolate flavours, where as the one on keg I felt was missing some of them flavours but you did get a marmite like after taste which isn’t a bad thing either, just two different outcomes. Either way we both loved it and again for me it was my favourite beer of the night!


Along with the Texan Tea I also tried Eastside Saison, one of my favourite styles of beers and the London Fields offering was a good lemony/slightly tart Saison, which would go down a treat on a hot day. Gyle 666 was my next beer, a spiced ale which went perfectly with the Stilton cheese that had be handed around the tables. Another bootleggers series beer they had on was the Marzen which again ironically I think I tried back in April too, this was an easy drinking German style beer. My friend sampled most of the selection of London Fields core beers as he had never tried any of them and he was impressed.


The tap room quickly got busy and even when the brewery tours took place it still felt like it was packed! Unfortunately we didn’t hear when the brewery tour was starting and as we had bagged a nice little table for two to sit at we didn’t want to lose our seats! There was good food being passed around the room such as the Stilton, crisps, chicken nibbles (which unfortunately I didn’t get a look in!) and some other bits and pieces. I did treat myself to an amazing scotch egg though!


My friend and I purchased a few bottles to take home but even when we left the party was still buzzing and very busy! It’s a good evening and a nice idea to introduce a new beer and the Texan Tea was without doubt worth a good party on Thanksgiving!

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