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Leyton Technical Pub, Leyton London


I have to admit the Olympics passed me by, I didn’t catch the bug like most the nation did and I didn’t go to any of the events. I watched a few things on the telly but nothing I wouldn’t watch any ways like the football, boxing and basketball. To be honest while everyone was loving the stadium I couldn’t help but feel a bit of worry and anger towards the stadium with it’s on going battles of what it will be used for after the games. But one thing that I can say I am happy about thanks to the Olympics is how it has improved Leyton. It gave it a bit of a face lift that it needed by putting in new pavements, a big clean up and things as simple as painting the buildings different colours giving it a very Stockholm-esque look! One massive thing it also brought to Leyton was the technical pub. While the Olympics was on it was a pop up pub inside the Leyton town hall which hadn’t been in use for many years. Now the Leyton technical pub has opened for good and long may it be successful.


When it was a pop up pub I felt there was a few things that could have been improved but now they have opened it they seem to have smoothed out these problems. There is a very thin line between what I like to call Shoreditch-chic and something that looks a bit like a crack den! And unfortunately when it was a pop up pub I felt it was leaning towards the bad end of that scale but not now! Now it is looking stylish arty and original.


The inside is huge and being a listed building must bring great difficulties with its appearance in what you can and can’t do, but the way they have dealt with this issue has worked. Big country house decor up high on the walls, old classic wooden tables and chairs and great big chandeliers all over the place.


The bar area is a pretty big and most importantly stocks a great selection. On both my visits there was 6 beers but I think there is room for 8 then you have the other taps which has a good selection of world beers including Grolsch Blonde, Blue Moon, German and Czech beers. Also there are your wines and spirits and also some decent beers in the fridge including Timmermans and Duvel (which at £4 a bottle to be honest in London is pretty good price although I didn’t see any Duvel glasses which could be something they could invest in)


Going to the loo is a bit of an experience too! Situated underneath the bar along a long Most Haunted style hall way which did give a few people the spooks when visiting the little boys and girls room!


The prices are reasonable for London and both times I have been in there I have loved the music. The beers I have seen in there are Adnams Topez gold and fat Spratt, Ginger Pig, a few Hackney Brewery beers and Jupiur among others.

There is talk of getting a kitchen fitted to provide the drinkers with traditional English meals which sounds fantastic! For me on a personal level its great to have another good addition to Leyton for a match day and I hope it does really well with the locals too. If ever in East London it is well worth finding this grand building and having a pint…

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