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Last day in Bruges


The last day of our trip away so we got up and packed while watching my new favorite TV show … Hill Billy bare hand fishing! I can only hope this is on British telly when I get home. Some pretty heavy rain (and hauntings!) had kept me up a lot of the night but I guess more importantly it had put us off ice skating in Markt as it was a danger in itself letting me loose on it let alone on a wet slippery ice rink! Instead we had a nice walk to the windmills on the outskirts of Bruges. Only 10 minutes walk from our hotel and as Bruges is beautifully tiny so it wasn’t out of our way at all.

Thanks to some more rain followed by some pretty bright sun we was blessed with more rainbows which meant getting the chance to take some photos of some double rainbows going right over the windmills … watch out Instagram! After all this excitement we needed a little sit down which was provided by The Windmill cafe and a 11% Kasteel donker.


After sitting back for an hour we was refreshed and went about buying all the beer bottles, cheese and glassware we saw over the last few days that we wanted to take home with us. As all couples know shopping can work up a bit of an appetite… By now the body weight of Ribs and Beer I had ate the night before had worn out and I needed stocking up for the journey home. Again with my 80 beers book in hand I went in search of somewhere to eat … but after the disappointment of getting to three different places to find they was shut or gone we stumbled upon Cambrinus and one of the best meals I have ever eaten…


Starters was a trappist cheese croquette, Chimay Blue cheese is not only one of the best beers but it also makes some of the best cheese! The starter was huge and only just left enough room for ‘Vlaamse Stoof Karbonaden’ in a Gulden Draak sauce (a real heavy beef stew cooked in a Gulden Draak sauce with veg and chips a Flemish specialty) Oh my gosh wow!!! While in Brussels I ate in Brassins and had their Rabbit in a cherry Kriek beer sauce which was arguably the best thing I had ever ate… till now! This meal just blew me away, for dessert we shared a Abbey beer cream brulee and for some reason I really enjoyed it as I usually hate all cream or custard like desserts. Half Pint had an equally good chicken dish that had been cooked in a BarBar beer sauce.

We got soaked on the walk to the station and was met by train delay after train delay! After over an hour and half delay on the Eurostar and getting through the tunnel to English land I got on my phone to update my status on what an amazing time I had in the magical town of Bruges…

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