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Keeping Up with the Times


Firstly, I love this picture because, well take a look, what a beauty of a pint being poured! Secondly for what it represents, the traditional embracing the new. It was taken on the 10th anniversary of Brentwood Brewing Co during their birthday party beer festival, there was a selection of cask beers that Brentwood used to brew in the past and some new beer that Brentwood and Elephant School Brewing Co have been brewing, including this kegged pale ale. Brentwood Brewing Co have an open mind when brewing beer, as well as a smile on their face while doing it. Over the past year I have had the pleasure to hang out with Ethan and Rolan a lot, both the 10th Anniversary Festival and the Elephant School Invasion was good fun and at £2 a pint it was well worth attending! They have a Christmas beer festival which I sadly cannot make but I recommend you popping down and drink the beer fresh in the brewery, check the Facebook event here.

It is important to keep up with a evolving market and although Essex, even from a consumer side of things, seems a bit stuck behind it is now starting to turn around. The breweries must keep an eye on this trend if they want to keep up with the times. Brentwood Brewing Co and Elephant School are doing just this, keeping true to their traditional cask roots but also experimenting with new styles of beer and dispense techniques.

Essex is very slowly starting to bring themselves up with the current trend in beer brewing, breweries like Brentwood and Round Tower Brewery both flirting with keg and key keg beers. Looking forward to next year I would love to see this continue, there has been collaborations between Brentwood Brewing Co and other breweries or people within the beer community, which I think is a big step in the right direction as Essex can feel a bit “defend for yourself” at times.

I would like to thank Brentwood Brewing Co and all their staff for everything they have done for me over the past year and I look forward to what new beers they have up their sleeve for the year to come.

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