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Kælderkold, Barcelona

La Ramblas, one of the world’s most famous streets, a busy long snake like street with shops, restaurants and tourist attractions running down its sides with market stalls providing anything from hand painted cartoons of yourself to fruit and veg shaped in rather questionable shapes! If you’ve visited Barcelona then the likelihood is you’ve been here or been to one of my favourite places in the world, La Boqueria market. Just off La Ramblas and across from La Boqueria market is Carrer del Cardenal Casañas, one of the many roads breaking off from La Ramblas, down this road you will find Kælderkold.


Kælderkold is a small craft beer bar providing people an escape from the busy streets of Las Ramblas, much like the famous street itself the bar is a long and narrow bar with great sights each side of you, one side the wall beautifully decorated in beer posters (many from the lesser seen Scandinavian breweries) and to your right is 15 taps pouring some of the world’s best and most sort after beers. The bar then curves down into another room where you can find more tables on a checked black and white tiled floor with more decorated walls. The bar area itself has a bit of a brewery feel to it with the bar being made of this huge thick cold metal, the same as the trough below the beer taps and the walls behind the taps are a spotless white tile. The bar is high but comfortable even with its slightly odd design of having this kind of metallic wall running along the bar half shielding you from the other side of the bar.



The owner Mads is originally from Denmark and he loves to be able to provide great selection of Scandinavian beers, as part of the beer festival celebration weekend he had got his hands on a great selection of Hornbeer beers, a brewery from Kirke Kyllinge Denmark. They also do a huge selection of beer cocktails for those who enjoy experimenting with their beers.



Space at the bar is limited but comfortable and the staff are really friendly and passionate about their beers, so single travellers don’t fear rocking up at the bar solo they are more than welcoming. Drinking outside might be a bit of an issue when it’s busy, I don’t think it’s really allowed and being part of Las Ramblas means there is a large police presence, even when we were there drinking we saw two officers (clearly with nothing better to do) complaining about some stalls that were outside the bar for sitting on.


If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, even if it isn’t a beer travel trip then you should pop in to Kælderkold, it’s so close to La Ramblas it would be rude not to sit down for a moment and try one of the many superb beers on at the bar.


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