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Garage Beer Co, Barcelona


People from all over the world travelled to Barcelona to attend the awesome beer festival this March but not only did they get to enjoy a brilliant beer festival they also got to do some beer travel and experience Barcelona’s fresh, vibrant, growing beer scene.


In the centre of it all is Garage Beer Co, a microbrewery which opened in not even a year ago in the Eixample district, the same district as Bier Cab and Brewdog. It’s roughly a 15+ minute walk from La Ramblas and you might need your Google maps running on your phone as in my true vintage Matt fashion I got us rather lost trying to navigate my printed out map and directions! But right in cue we completely by mistake suddenly found ourselves outside Garage Beer Co. We had been in Barcelona a few hours and we were gasping for a beer and Garage Beer Co was our first beery visit.


The whole of the front of the building is large dark windows with a door on the left, as you walk through you have the large bar to your right with the beer menu up high above the bar. Below that you have 8 taps full of beers brewed by themselves and great craft beer from the UK and Spain ready to be poured into your pint glass. There is plenty of space around the bar and front window for those who wish to stand at the bar.


Following down from the front of the building is a long large concrete building with lots of high tables, stalls, table areas and sofas. The walls have great big paintings on them, one of them being Eva the brewery dog who was continuously manning the brewery floor.


At the far end of the room is the brewing equipment and kegs with their orange lightening bolt logo on. You can see all the equipment through glass windows and if you’re lucky they may even be brewing on sight as you sit and drink one of their lovely beers.


Their main beer Riba is a crisp refreshing pilsner style beer and is perfect for drinking in a session one hot summers day in the city. Other beers they have brewed include Karma their winter beer and there very drinkable Session IPA. There were also many decent UK craft beers ready to be drunk too including Weird Beard, Redchurch, Moor and Magic Rock.



When we first visited it was quiet and a perfect start to our Barcelona weekender but come the evening post festival it really set off! If a days worth of drinking at the festival wasn’t enough for you then Garage Beer Co held after parties each night which included Redchurch meet the brewers and a night where most the British brewers at the festival came along to chat. It was packed! Familiar faces from the day all got together to eat and drink at Garage Beer Co and it is credit to their staff for keeping the party flowing.



Any beer traveller should visit Garage Beer Co while in Barcelona, especially as it is in a stones throw of Brewdog and Bier Cab. I look forward to what Garage Beer Co do in the future as the combination of friendly staff and good beers brewed should only increase their status as another great microbrewery in Barcelona.


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