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Gallia Paris Biere Blanche Absinthe beer review…


The French are not really well known for their love of beer but preferring their love for wine instead, something I discovered on a trip to Paris last year. Gallia used to be found in Paris between 1890 and 1969, barely surviving the WWII the brewery gradually made less and less money till it was closed and knocked down in 1968 and a year later the beers had all vanished.

2010 and there is a rebirth… William and Jacques two French men who dreamed of brewing their own Parisian beer decided to resurrect Gallia beer. Do not quote me on this but reading their website I think it translates that Paris is the last world capital not to locally brew beer… now if this is true this is shocking!!! And it is this reason that they are giving Gallia a rebirth. 40 years after the last bottle was sold Gallia had re produced the original recipe and was giving France a beer to be proud of again. Unfortunately the are unable to brew in Paris as of yet but their dream and plan is to bring back Gallia to Paris. The beers went down a storm with the Parisian brassieres and can now be bought in Britain, Australia and China.


Biere Blanche is a little bit different to any beer I have had before as it a wheat beer that includes a hint of absinthe (another historic beverage that they wanted to work with) I have never played around with absinthe and if I am to be honest the stories scare me off a little bit but this beer only weighs in at 5.2% so I don’t think i have any concern about tripping out after drinking this!

It pours a murky yellow and doesn’t have much of a head to it but you can see all the tiny bubbles raising to the top of the glass. I don’t know what absinthe tastes like as I have never tasted it but I guess you can smell a hint of it as the smell I don’t recognise too much but it does have hints of lemon, which flows into the flavour as it has a lemon taste to it and leaves your mouth smacking like lemon juice or even like when you have a sour beer. The lemon/sour taste is at the front of the pallet then after you get the slight hints of your usual wheat beer tastes at the back of your mouth. I like it… but it is kind of like nothing I have tried before. It’s a refreshing drink on a warm day when chilled although slightly on the carbonated side so depending on your preference on that will depend on your opinion of the beer I guess (in fact the bubbles kept going all the way to the end in the middle of the glass)

I admire what the brewers are doing and trying to put a beer on the Parisian map and I hope that eventually they do start brewing in Paris as it should be and was once before.

Gallia Paris website

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