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East London Brewing Co – Cowcatcher 4.8%


East London Brewing Co is a husband and wife brewing team. Stu and Claire have been brewing up beers in Leyton East London since February 2011 when they decided to make the plunge of becoming brewers and quitting their day jobs. Stu and Claire wanted to make high quality traditional beers and now brew a range of seven core beers including, Jamboree, Night Watchman, Orchid, Cowcatcher and more. ELB are one of the first newer breweries I noticed that started to get their beers in a few supermarket shelves a couple years ago, we often have their beers on at the Leyton Orient Supporters Club and you can even pick up some of their bottles in Wetherspoons now too. Always a good solid producer of cask beers it is good to see ELB also brewing keg line beers and now seeing their beers in cans. I haven’t tried any of their keg beers, I was pleased to see they had brought cask beer along to the Brewers Market recently so didn’t try the keg beers. I enjoyed a sample of the green hop beer they recently brewed.


Named after the nickname used for the grill on the front of an American steam train, Cowcatcher APA at 4.8% is a perfect beer for them to put in a can, in fact I actually think the beer tastes fresher and has more about it compared to the bottled version. I am loving the can design too, bold, recognisable and stylish.


Cowcatcher pours a glowing gold with a medium fluffy white head which reduces to a thin layer. On the nose you get really fresh floral and grapefruit aromas. It is really easy to drink, the bitterness is up front but rounds smoothing to a crisp refreshing finish.

I really enjoyed Cowcatcher and I feel it is at its best chilled in the can (although would be interesting to compare to keg version), I am looking forward to picking a few more of these ups. I love seeing breweries like ELB, who have a great cask history, dip their toes into keg and canned beer as I think it will help open the eyes of some of their more traditional fans who are not into craft beer. It seems to be exciting times in their part of Leyton as not only have they released these cans recently but they also have a limited amount of 750ml bottled Imperial Stout, which tasted incredible, but maybe more on that later in the month!


Disclaimer – I was given this can free of charge by the lovely Hannah at ELB during the Brewers Market, however I do not think that not paying for this beer has changed my opinion on it..

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