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Dukes Brew & Que, Haggerston London


In the build up to my birthday my girlfriend asked if there was anything I wanted as a present. For some time now I have wanted to experience the highly rated ribs from Dukes Brew & Que, so it seemed a perfect moment to be treated to some serious BBQ meaty goodness!

All it takes is a quick Google image search to discover the huge beautiful sights of the ribs you can eat at Dukes! Monstrous beef ribs the size of your forearm, wonderful pork ribs and all variations of the BBQ meat gives Dukes a rep that could beat any other BBQ meat joint outside the birth place of the BBQ rack in good ol US of A.

Dukes is #foodporn heaven! I have never heard of beef ribs before let alone eaten them but they are quite amazing! I don’t think I have ever been so close to tapping out to a dinner but I manned up and carried on!


There are other options on the menu if ribs are not your thing too, my girlfriend opted for pulled pork bun which was also delicious, perfectly soft and juicy strips of pork in a crisp bun!


In the past few months I have visited MEATLiquor a few times. MEATLiquor does MEATLiquor very well and I think you need to go and experience it to really understand and get it. One thing that did come from my visits to MEATLiquor is first trying deep fried pickle gherkins! Amazing things and it was them that topped my list of what I liked about the place…. However…. Dukes deep fried pickle gherkins are another level! Cut across not length ways so like small discs of delight in a bowl! It’s crisper, crunchier, dryer pickled G to MEATLiquor and although the MEATLiquor DFPG stole my heart and gut when I first tried them but I have to say Dukes win it for me!


Also Dukes fries deserve a mention too as we both agreed they were the best fries / chips we’ve had in ages. Like the DFPG they were dry and crunchy as well as being seasoned great! When you bite the fry the fry bite back my man… Dayum dayum dayum! (*YouTube oh my dayum if you don’t get it*)

Those new to Dukes Brew and Que might be asking yourself why am I talking about a restaurant when I usually blubber on about beer! The good news doesn’t stop at food, oh no, Dukes is also the home to Beavertown beers, one of my favourite breweries and Beavertown showcase their beers here at Dukes. They have draught as well as a big bottle selection and also stock lots of other great London beers and beers from around the world.


I was lucky enough to go there and be able to order Beavertown’s fifth element IPA 7%, a fresh zingy hop packed IPA where the hops jump out the glass and bitch slap you round there face screaming ‘better recognise’ letting you know it’s there! We had this pre food as it would not pair with their Smokey BBQ ribs as well as their smog rocket or black betty. I also got to to have a bottle of their quelle saison which was also a very good example of one of my favourite type of beers, also the bottle art is brilliant!


Dukes has a hip and very popular rep and sometimes you can build up something inside before you experience and when you do it doesn’t live up to what you expected. Dukes Brew and Que doesn’t fall into this category, it lived up to the hype and more! I think a return is on the cards when possible just to taste the gumbo alone!


Calorie counters maybe put off but for a treat of meat I think you will find it hard to beat the glorious smells of BBQ’d ribs and combined tastes of Beavertown brews on the big smoke! Just remember to wear your big pants!

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