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Drinking Cheru Kol

You can read all about the brew day here, but this post is the tasting of the beer we brewed and some new beers from Elephant School Brewing Co and Solvay Society, the other collaborators for our brew Cheru kol.


I feel that Cheru Kol is best drank at room temperature and not when it has had any time in the fridge. It pours a lovely glowing polished wood brown, with a healthy white head to start with which then disappears to only thin layering around the edge of the glass. The clarity of the beer is spot on. The rosemary is barely recognisable, when the beer was chilled in the fridge I thought you got a faint aroma of the rosemary if you gave it a good intake, however I think less rosemary is better than too much! The figs come through a bit on the flavour at first but linger around after you finish, along with a real nutty quality, it has a good complex malt character to it. It is all really well balanced and if I had to pick anything out I would say I would want a tiny bit more of that sweet Belgian candy flavour. I am really looking forward to trying this on cask and key keg unfiltered as I think it will really come to life on those dispense formats. It is quite the autumn warmer so it is the best time to give it a go.


Sombrero was brewed earlier this year, I first had it at the Chelmsford beer festival and it was great on cask. Pouring a pale yellow and a thin white head. On the nose you get a slightly farmyard ale aroma with hints of tropical fruit. You get passion fruit flavours throughout leaving the edges of your tongue feeling tingly. I have no idea what chia seeds taste or smell like so I cant comment on that but there is a slightly minty taste and mouth feel. Again a very well balanced beer with a slightly saison yeast finish.


Solvay Society Structure of Matter is a pale ale which is soaked in the brewer Roman’s Belgian roots. So much Belgian yeast flavours swirling around your mouth. It feels like a Belgian beer from the new wave of Belgian brewery, beers from the likes of De La Senne and Brussels Beer Project, which in my opinion gives it a different feel to many of the other London pale ales out right now.


Coulomb pours a sandy pale yellow, it is really lively pouring into the glass and a big airy white head sits on top of the beer. Saison yeast is very strong on the nose, it almost has a champagne feel in the aroma too. It is really dry, refreshing and has a mouth throbbing citrusy saison yeast finish, which brings all the Belgian funk! It is super lively and a few swishing around the mouth really ups the carbonation.


This Saturday (8th October) Elephant School are having a invasion beer festival down at Brentwood Brewery, they will be showcasing their beers including the ones I have had tonight, there will even be some key keg Cheru Kol. I will be popping down and at £2 a pint (!!!!!) you should too. You will be able to try Cheru Kol on Key Keg (which I have been told is very good), cask and bottles, so feel free to give them a good back to back showdown. There will also be other Elephant School beers available such as Odds & Sods, Sombrero, Black & Weiss, Porter in a Storm, Gold Rush, a few Brentwood beers and the return of glasses of Van Kannor, which I really recommend you try. There will be live music, food and lots of smiling faces. It is all down at the Brentwood brewery, hopefully I will see a few of you down there… Cheers

Brentwood Brewing Co Address – Calcott Hall Farm, Ongar Rd, Brentwood CM15 9HS

Disclaimer – I was kindly given the beers free of charge, but I don’t think this has changed my opinions on them, other than Cheru Kol which I helped brew and obviously think is the bollox! 

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