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Cisco Brewers – Grey Lady Ale


The last of my American beers brought back from New York for me as a gift from my mate Paul is Grey Lady Ale. Brewed by Cisco Brewers in Nantucket, a small brewery that once claimed to be America’s only outside brewery so small they called it their ‘nano’ brewery! The original start of the company is a love story between to people who ended up making beer and becoming soul mates .. awww! They later met with others and turned the brewery into what it is today not only making beer but also producing wine and spirits.

Grey Lady Ale 4.5% (Although no sign of that on the bottle) is described as a ale brewed with spices and natural flavors. Unlike any other American beer I have had thus far this is a very subtle and relaxing drink where as most the other American beers are kick the door down flavors! Not saying this is a bad thing at all and as this evening seems to have brightened up into a lovely spring evening it all seems a rather nice pairing together!

I really hope this doesn’t come across as negative description because it is far from that I truly do enjoy this beer very much but the taste reminds me of a shandy a bit … well I would call it a Belgian Shandy as the spices used are very Belgique. Not pouring like a wheat beer at all but small tastes of one and I love anything with coriander in it and this certainly does. Another way I want to compare it to is like a weak Duvel, not as strong a taste as Duvel but very similar!


This would be perfect on a hot summers day and I would love this as a session beer… IF I could get my hands on it then this is a beer I could buy a crate of and share with my pals down the park with a BBQ while kicking a football about enjoying all three days of English Summer! Only if….

visit their website here Cisco Brewers Beers 

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