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Brouwerij Strubbe – Keyte Oostendse Tripel


Back in the summer I visited the Belgian Coastal town of Ostend and wrote about my adventures here… Since returning from my travels I have had this bottle of Keyte sitting in the fridge waiting for a moment where I can sit down and give it a good taste instead of knocking it back after having a few beers!

Brewed 2004 in celebration for commemorating the siege of Ostend Keyte is a high fermentation 7.7% Belgian tripel. It is brewed at Brouwerij Strubbe in a town called Ichtegem just outside of Ostend. Their brewery sits in the shadow of the 17th century St-Michel’s Church (which once was the actual brewery) and is the towns only running brewery although it was once one of three.

This is a dangerous 7.7% drink as it feels and tastes as smooth as a shandy! Really easy drinking this beer, I could easily knock a few of these back without realising the real damage! There is a slight bit of metal on the nose when taking your first sip. It of course has that strong typical triple taste with gorgeous Belgian spices and sweet yeasty biscuit taste, in fact its a really perfect balance and it leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth once drank. It pours a perfect golden yellow and the head starts of strong then sinks down to a small head.

I get slight lemon tatse and it does remind me slightly of a shandy (in a good way!) this might be becuase the brewery makes their own water and lemonade also.

All in all this is a really good beer and I want another one already!

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