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Brouwerij De Leite’s – Cuvee Jeun’homme


While in Ostend we visited the T’Koelschip Beer shop which you can read about here.

While in there I picked up a bottle of Brouwerij De Leite’s Cuvee Jeun’homme, an oak aged 6.5% goud blond (gold blond). Brouwerij De Leite was founded by Luc Vermeersc, Etienne Van poucke and Paul Vanneste around 1997 on-wards while on a brewers course. Brewed in a really small set up the De Leite  trio started to knock beers out from  bigger brewery in 2008. De Leite refers to the Dutch word ‘laagte’ which translates to ‘down below’, thankfully this wasn’t a naughty pun but in fact it was in reference to a small stream that was ‘down below’ the back of the original home brewing set up. I have never heard of the brewery beers before which is why I picked it up and that the odd label attracted me. The only beer I have heard of that they make (but not tried) is their ‘Femme Fatele’. So onto the beer itself…


Wow strong slap you in the face smells when you open this! Sour smell which is a little wood like too also fairly vinegar smelling. It pours a real cider shade of dark amber orange, with a small amount of head when first in the glass but disappears fairly quickly reducing down to just carbonated edge of the glass.

Right the taste… lip smacking tartness! You can get a slight Belgian triple yeast taste to start but only slightly before walllooop your mouth is hit with the sour apple almost cider like dryness. Leaves your mouth feeling like you have been sucking on some sour sweets! It also weirdly leaves your mouth feeling like a smokey beer would with slight burnt wood aftertaste.


Do I like it? Yes its ok but I don’t love it. It almost a bit strange when drinking as you cannot make your mind up if you are into it or not! It is certainly a beer for an evening on its own and not on a day out. I think the word perfect for Cuveee Jeun’homme is that it is ‘interesting’ … its an interesting experience on the tongue!

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