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Brookstead Alehouse, Worthing Sussex


A short walk away from Worthing train station you will find the Brookstead Alehouse, a hidden gem of a micropub! Although officially it is a micropub I like to think of it more of a beer cafe, I call it a beer café as it reminds me more of the beer establishment’s in Europe than a pub. You first walk in the door and are greeted by a window looking into the drinks room where they stock all their bottled beers, ciders, wines and casks. To the left of this window you will see a small till area where you can order your beers, although there is also table service too which is a nice touch.


The interior is small, with tables running down the side going into a small seating area with sofas (from what I could see). Beer memorabilia decorates the walls, with old pump clips circling the ceiling and posters on the wall. There’s a real nice homely atmosphere in the Brookstead Alehouse.


The beer list is impressive, when we were there they had four cask beers to pick from however I think there is usually more, maybe 6? The bottles list will keep you ordering more! An impressive list of Belgian beers including Rochefort 10, St Bernardus, Oude Gueuze Boon, Bruges Zot and many more. There are also offering from the UK and other countries on the bottle menu including Beavertown cans and Kona Brewing Co along many others on the beer menus.


You can see passion from the owners as he trains new staff and talks to customers. Conversation fills the air in the small building as people stop by for a quick pint on the way home, groups of friends discover new beers and solo drinkers even enjoy reading a book with their beer! I could easily spend a long evening drinking and chatting here.


Worthing has a good beer scene, as does most the south east coast and the Brookstead Alehouse is right up there with the best of them.



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