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Brewbuddies Cans


Brewbuddies are based in Swanley Village in Kent, not too far away from the famous Kent hop gardens. Since June 2015 Brewbuddies have been brewing forward thinking beers, using local ingredient where they can and brewing using modern techniques. They are big on natural unfined beers. To convince die hard traditionalists that unfined beer is good Brewbuddies have put all the information about unfined beer and why they brew unfined on their website. Brewbuddies recently opened a micropub in Sidcup Kent called The Hoppers Hut and I am looking forward to being able to pop down to check it out. Recently Brewbuddies released some beer in cans and we got them in at the Leyton Orient Supporters Club, so during a game while I was sorting some bits I thought it would be good to check them out.

First of the Brewbuddies new beers in a can is Pale Mate. The can design is simple but effective, mainly silver but with different colours wrapped around the can. Ale Mate is a 4.3% pale ale, pouring a pale golden colour with a large head which quickly settles down to a thin layer. Pale Mate is creamy on the nose with floral aroma twisting around the glass, the citrus flavours are big on this beer, especially lemon. It is an easy drinking refreshing light beer, nothing too complex and perfect to session.

The second beer in the Brewbuddies line up is Wokka, described as a resinous, tropical, juicy American pale ale weighing in at 4.8%. This beer glows a better gold than Pale Mate. They are not wrong on the resinous, with resinous aromas so strong you would think it is double IPA, reminding me of a can of Resin from Six Points. Also, I am getting a smooth pineapple at the end on the nose. On the first sip, it is really punchy, the pineapple follows through on the taste too, leaving you with a mouthful like you have had pineapple juice. With a simple malt recipe of pale and Vienna gives the beer a clean canvas to let the Mosaic and Chinook hops to take full control of this beer.


Black Hole Porter pours pure black with a bright white head, Black Hole looks tasty even before drinking it. On the nose this porter is really roasted, even slightly roast coffee with hints of dark chocolate. Even from the first sip it is so smooth, a great mouth feel and again you get lots of that roasted malt flavours, even a little bit of a smoky taste too. This is my favourite of the three, I really enjoyed it from start to finish and it would be interesting to try this on cask too. Perfect 5.2% porter to warm me up on a cold winters day. Check out their twitter for more details on where you can grab these beers.


Disclaimer – We paid for these beers to sell at LOSC but I didn’t pay for them personally to drink. However, I do not think this changed my opinion on the beers.

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