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BlackLab Brewhouse, Barcelona


A trip to the aquarium to try and do something that didn’t involve beer drinking during our time in Barcelona brought us to the Barcelona seafront and in doing so brought us to BlackLab Brewhouse. So our break from beer brought us to more beer! Truth be told the aquarium really wasn’t all that and the reason we went there was because I swear on our previous visit to Barcelona I was told it was the biggest aquarium in Europe… Well I hope it isn’t because if it is then Europe’s aquariums need to shape up! Anyways silver lining was that it meant we could visit BlackLab Brewhouse as it’s about 5 minutes walk from the aquarium.



Situated in the huge brick building that looks like an old mill or something, home to many other restaurants and shops, you will find BlackLab Brewhouse. The brewpub is made up of three areas, the first area you walk into is the large tiled high bar with these great big chunky pipe shooting beer up through the taps, to the right a larger room with lots of seating for eating and drinking and a smaller room to the left where there are more seats for drinking but it also is the home of the large fermenting tanks.



The whole pub has this clean, slick feel with a white and black tiled bar and neat rows of wooden tables filling the food hall side of the brewpub. Black chalkboard slabs surround the building with information scribbled down on them either about the brewpub or the beers BlackLab brew.


The surroundings are lovely but even better then the slick smart clean room you are in are two things, firstly their delicious food. Their chips are advertised as world famous and it’s easy to see why, served up in a pint glass these are some of the best chips I’ve ever had the pleasure of munching! The sauces to dip said chips in are equally as tasty! On our return visit we tried one of their many mouth watering sounding burgers, the huge home made beef patties were cooked to perfection and would fit right into London’s burger foodie scene. Lots of amazing sounding Asian inspired food also leapt from the menu pages tempting me away from the trusty burger!



Second, and of course most importantly, their beers. The whole selection were all 4 and 5 stars out of 5! There wasn’t one beer that I thought was average. Top of that list was their double IPA Peg and Paul weighing in at a whoping 10%, which I personally thought was thee best double IPA I had tried to date, since then I’ve tried Galaway Bay’s Of Foam and Fury/Beavertown Skull King and I can honestly say it’s on par with them, which is saying something! Also their Manor Farm Saison was right up there with the best beers I had in Barcelona. Also on their brewed menu was Marlow the brilliant English Special Bitter, Claudia a perfect IPA that would have been even better if not for trying the double IPA first, Black Mirror dry stout and El Importador their amber rye beer which was also top quality!


BlackLab are a young brewpub but already making big noise, I would love for a London tap take over with BlackLab so other people can sample the great beers they are brewing, out of all the brewpubs I have been to without doubt BlackLab brew the best selection beers. If you are looking at a holiday in Barcelona this year then you must fit in a visit to BlackLab and I am sure you will enjoy your time in there as much as my girlfriend and I did.




Summer hours

Monday to Thursday: 12:30–00:00 Friday & Saturday: 12:30–02:00 Sunday: 12:30–00:00

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