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Billericay Town FC and Lions beer festival


Beer + football = very happy half pint gentleman, this probably is what has kept me at orient for all these years as the quality of beer out does the quality of football most weeks!



Billericay town is my local non league club which I have seen a few times over the last few seasons, including breaking away from orients terrible goal drought in search of a goal fest only to witness their first goaless draw in two years!

The New lodge can proudly boast about their fairly large and enjoyable club house, something if combined with orients beer love and excellent running would make one hell of a tag team! Once a year billericay lions group and btfc join hands to provide a great beer festival for us beer and football geeks and to more importantly raise money for the billericay lions charity organisation. The misses and I popped along on a very hot Sunday lunch time almost expecting most their beer to be gone from the Friday and Saturday sessions. Fortunately there was still a decent selection of beers left and what we had was of really high quality. Showing of the creme de le creme of Essex brewing companies including the likes of crouch vale, Brentwood brewery and new to me elephant school. What excites me the most about this festival is my inner football nerd comes out to play as you are able to drink outside on the pitch (or even on the subs bench!!!)

When we first arrived there was only a few faces there but that quickly changed and it steadily got busier. There was a great jazz band playing for the first hour or so followed by a guy singing some well know classics in the music tent (not quite to my taste as the jazz band but I think he was enjoying the beers as much as me too during his performances!) combine these great tastes and sounds with the constant wonderful smells hovering over our way from the bbq (same guys who do the bbq at Chelmsford camra festival) and the incredibly popular cheese and pie man (a must eat!!!) Billericay town fc and lions beer festival is an all round great day and I was able to sample a fair amount of local ales, so much so that I probably found my photo spot below more hilarious then maybe it should have…


The stand out beer for me was RCH Brewery Old Slug Porter and Elephant school Brewery Co Aussie Blonde also of course the excellent Farmers Ales Pucks Folly. But to be honest I think all the beers I picked was lovely (I was very lucky) I really recommend this festival to people and it is one I look out for around summer. Not only is it a good way to experience the tastes of essex in a more personally and relaxing way compared to some of the larger festivals but you are also helping raise money with every sip you take! Billericay tow fc festival a game of two halves…  Or maybe 9!!!!

* sorry for such a delay on this post had wrote it down on paper on route to Belgium and took a while to find! Better late then never!

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