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There’s few things in life that produces such a great feeling as raising money for charity. My mate Paul, one of my closest Beer Buddies, is super human and has ran several marathons. He has all my respect for running them too as personally I get knackered out just trying to watch the marathon. In the build up to his runs I have helped out with quiz nights and darts tournaments. The feeling of getting people together to raise money for such good courses no matter what the charity is produces such a great buzz.

Running a marathon may be out of my realistic achievements (running for more than 5 minutes may be out of my realistic achievements!) but when Phil (the writer of and Steve (The Beer O’clock Show) first announced their plans for #BigBeeryNight I knew I could help somehow. So after a bit of thinking I thought I would contribute £1 to Macmillan Cancer Support for every badge I get on untapped between the night I hosted #Beerybits to the end of the next SX Bottleshare. In this time I will going on a brewery visit, a couple of match days at Orient, SX Bottleshare and a trip to Belgium! So I’m predicting to collect a few badges!


*credit to @Clayfish for this awesome design

Because beer people are good people I quickly got a few other heads to join my £1 a badge fine crusade and soon I became the fine master! I’ve been keeping record of those who have joined in and what badges they’re racking up. I will keep a table and post the table up on twitter and here as we go along.

Unfortunately everyone has a story about cancer, it affects us all. When I was only 17, back when I was in college, one of my friends was diagnosed with leukemia. It never really sank in till the first time a group of my friends and I visited him at the hospital. I didn’t really get to grips with that whole day and what was happening till we returned back home. I don’t think I’ll ever forget getting back and sitting alone as I come to terms with what was happening. My friend was a fighter and beat leukemia.

The work that charities like Macmillan Cancer Support do to help people that are affected by cancer is priceless, so join me in raising a few glasses alongside raising a few pennies this Friday 25th all in the name of charity. Cheers all.

The Badge Fine League… I have worked these out on same amount of time that I am doing the badge fine which is from 16th September to 6th October. The current standings are…


Andy Parker – @tabamatu – 45 (including a 4 badge check in and a double 3 badge check in)

Matt Chinnery – @HalfPintGent – 29 (including a weekend in Belgium consisting of 15 badges and a double 3 badge check in)

Myles Lambert – @myleslambert – 25 (including possibly the best moment of the #BadgeQuest with a fuck off massive 6 badge check in!)

Chris Dixon – @ckdsaddlers – 24 (including a 3 badge check in and the special moment of collecting Elite badge)

Phil Kyte – @thegreatcubbio – 20

Phil Hardy – @Filrd – 17 (including a 3 badge check in)

Chris – @Formerginge1 – 16

Rachel Hardy – @RHardy24 – 15

Clayton Chisholm – @Clayfish – 14

Martin Oates – @mjpo007 – 12

Steve Bentall – @beeroclockshow – 11

Carsmile Steve – @carsmilesteve – 9

Justin Mason – @1970sBoy – 9

Martin J Smith – @MartJSmith – 8

Mark Gradwell – @mjg73 – 7

Mark Landells – @landells – 6

I would like to thank everyone who took part in this, I honestly thought it would be just me doing it. It has been a good laugh and of course raising this money is brilliant. I would love to say Andy won something for getting top of the league but the only thing he has won the deep knowing that he is the biggest #badgewanker out there! Can he retain the prizeless title next year?

Those who want to join in on this Untappd badge fine league then please give me a tweet and I can add you to the list. All badges from the 16th of September to end of the night on the 6th October will be counted. If I have missed anyone out then let me know or if I have made any mistakes.

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