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Beerd Oxford


My sister lives in Oxford and after years of never visiting she paid for me to pop down and visit for my 30th birthday present. We did all the tourist bits in the day as well as a Hook Norton Brewery tour then we visited some of their pubs in the evening.


The world of beer has changed a lot over the past few years, the consumer and their expectations have developed, with this some traditional breweries have had to adapt to modern times. One brewery that I think has done that perfectly is Bath Ales, their spin off Craft Beer range under the name Beerd is spot on. The beers are good, creative and has a modern branding. Oxford is their second bar, with up to 18 different taps and a brilliant selection of food, Beerd is a place that requires more than a swift half. The selection is great, for beer quality and variety it was the best Oxford had to offer, with beers from Wild Beer Co, Bath Ales, of course Beerd, Wild Weather and Left Handed Giant, all breweries being represented on both cask and keg.


As you walk in the turquoise blue exterior you are greeted by a warm wooden bar, with glowing red shining off everything from the huge neon lights reading “Pizza” high up at the end of the room. Old wooden crates have been cleverly converted into giant beer menus on the wall on your right, showcasing their superb selection. The large bar is a mixture of brass and wood, displaying all the cask and keg offerings, make sure you do a lap of the bar before you order. Rows of tables and booths run up the left-hand side of the room. Behind the bar are a few fridges with a huge selection of soft drinks, beer bottles and cans. You will also see a popcorn machine behind the bar too.


The staff are friendly and very knowledgeable, ask nicely and they will guide you through the beer line up.


The menu was compiled of around 6 different pizzas, wings, sweet potato fries, pretzel bread with cheese beer sauce and my favourite… fried gherkins! The pizza was good and there was an interesting list of toppings. The gherkins got a big thumbs up from me, the only slight moan was the garlic dough balls came out as a garlic bread pizza, which is fine as it was delicious but our eyes were bigger than our bellies as it was let alone with another pizza size garlic bread. Tuesdays are buy one get one free pizzas and every day between 5-7pm it is half price bar snacks, making the sides a bargain or even a cheap dinner if you combined a few up. There was veggie options too which pleased my sister.


Hopefully nothing has changed with the takeover they have had since our visit , as I thought it was an excellent pub and with a pizza menu like that it is somewhere I would love walking distance to my house. Larger breweries looking to dip their toe in craft waters should visit and take note.


Disclaimer – All drinks and food was paid for by us and Beerd had no idea we were visiting

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