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#BeerBuddies – Phil Brewheads Founder

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This #Beerbuddies post is all the way from Essex to Arizona! Recently I stumbled across Brewheads via Instagram and you can read all about how I found them here!

American beers have taken the world by storm and their influence has evolved the British beer scene over the last few years and Phil via Instagram has provided me with all the photos on the new American beers and news! His blog is well worth checking out as it his shop with all the cool Brewheads merch! I always look forward to seeing what new Brewheads gear is coming out and I will no doubt be putting in my Christmas orders soon! But before that sit back and check out my latest #Beerbuddies interview…


1. For those who new to yourself and Brewheads then could you introduce yourself and give a run down of your company?

My name is Phil… I’m a craftbeer fan, clearly haha. BrewHeads is a brand exclusively for craftbeer fans, brewers, homebrewers, etc. Shirts, Hats, Glassware, etc for those who take pride in what they drink. It’s all about the craft beer culture and community.

2. When and how did you create Brewheads? Was it hard to get the name out there to start with?

BrewHeads started technically about 3 years ago. It actually started as my “homebrew” logo. I wanted to start a homebrew blog or something similar. I was trying to think of names and ideas. I thought about how people are called “sneaker heads”, “gear heads” and “pot heads”… and I was like “BrewHeads”! I’m sure I’m not the first to come up with that but it clicked and I loved it. I threw together a logo and was really happy with it. Or should I say hoppy with it.

I made some decals of the logo and slapped on my homebrew. I really have to give Instagram credit for the start of Brewheads as a brand. I post pictures of the logo and started connecting with the craft beer community on there. The logo was getting alot of attention so I started selling stickers. And from there on I decided it need to be more than just my logo.. It needed to be OUR logo. We aren’t beer geeks or snobs.. We are BrewHeads. And a brand was born. 😉

3. Beer has blown up massively in London in the last couple of years, especially those with an American influence. For you how was it seeing the beer scene grow and change in America?

It’s been awesome. I honestly don’t remember when I first saw it “boom” but it’s been great and keeps getting bigger and better. I think it’s blowning up but not like a trendy thing (which alot of people have tried to make it out to be). Local beers are available more and more everyday at almost every bar. Beer lists, tap lists, etc are just getting better. Breweries are popping up… It’s amazing.

4. I first found Brewheads when you brought out your collaboration with rapper Cee, how did that collaboration come about? Where did you first meet?

Man, where do I start. Cee and I met through… yup you guessed it. INSTAGRAM lol. I started following him because he was posting alot of craft beer pictures. And if you know Cee his photos are pretty unique haha. Then I found out he made music and I’m a big hip hop fan. I really digged his music, and he really digged the brand. We chatted here and there. He got really into BrewHeads so I sent him out some gear. He started reppin’ BrewHeads at shows, in his videos, etc. Next thing I know were skyping and we just kinda clicked.

We had been throwing ideas around for awhile about things we could do, projects, etc. We wanted a way to merge his world of hip hop and the craftbeer community more. The idea of a “craftbeer” track came up. Cee started writing verses for the track and called it “BrewHeads.” So we had to collaborate on that for sure. Cee knew he wanted to do a video. We wanted to do some sort of shirt or hat or glass for the collaboration too.

I ended up planning a trip to fly out to Montreal to shoot the video with them. 9Block Production, Cee and I ended up filming over 7 days straight at local Montreal breweries, brewpubs, a bottleshop, beerfest, and a homebrew store. It was such a fun trip full of craftbeer and great experiences. Everyone was really digging the song and what we were doing. Cee and I got really close.. that’s a relationship that’s going to last a life time. So the track and gear was just the beginning haha.

The collaboration was about a year in the making. It was such an awesome experience. I really hope people appreciate the passion, work and fun we put into this project.


5. Its impossible to put your finger on one outright favourite beer of all time! But what favourite few brews come to mind right now?

This is a BrewHeads hardest question. I have too many favorites I wouldn’t even know where to start. Lets just change the question to what brews have you had recently (like this month) that you really dig haha!

Ballast Point – Grapefruit Sculpin IPA – I’ve been a sculpin fan for awhile. A friend brought some of the grapefruit version back from SD. So good. I’m a hop head a heart. Southern Tier Warlock – Imperial Stout with Pumpkin -Theres something about this brew…I loved this brew when I had it for the first time. It’s an amazing stout with pumpkin. It’s so different compared to alot of the pumpkin brews available.

uhhhh everything from Night Shift Brewing lol – I visited NightShift recently and man every beer they had was amazing. So many unique and different brews. Brews like HarborSide (Gose brewed with oysters and coriander), and Somer Weisse, (Berliner Weisse style sour ale brewed with lemongrass and ginger)

6. What is your process when designing a new product?

Most of it starts by just writing down ideas, looking for inspiration, etc. And then it’s researching, sketching, mockups, etc. Then I start working on the final design or product. Every process is a bit different depending on what it actually is. Some are made in a night, some can take months. The process always starts with a good brew, and working late.

7. What did you think of the beer in London when you visited? How easily available is beers from the UK in your part of America?

I loved London! And the beer was great. It was my wife and I’s honeymoon so I tried my best not to be too selfish. It couldn’t be 100% a craft beer trip. I really enjoyed Meantime Brewing Co. Their beers are great and the brewery tour was awesome. The area where we stayed actually didn’t have alot of craftbeer on tap at the bars. We did make our way out to Shoreditch to visit the BrewDog pub out there. I really wanted to get my hands on beers from The Kernel Brewery but didn’t get to. I heard really great things.

I’ve seen alot of craftbeer from the UK in California and back East. In Arizona we get a decent amount but not alot. I did see Meantime Brewing for awhile out here. I do like that alot of beer isn’t fully available. It makes it worth it to travel.

8. If you had a beer brewed after you what would call it and what style would it be?

It would be called the Purrrrrrrfect Brew. Enjoy it right Meow. hahahahah! Sorry I’m a bit of a crazy cat owner. I’m a hophead at heart too and hoppy beers are always my go to. Maybe it would be a hoppy saison/belgian IPA.

A good friend of mine, Noel of Ebner Brewing, was always joking about brewing a vegan milk stout for me (because I’m vegan). Not sure how that would work but I’m down for it

9. The American beer scene is growing and growing and also spreading its influence across the world, where do you see the beer scene in America going in the next few years

It’s just going to grow and expand. Breweries everywhere, craft beer at every bar… I really see more less common styles of beer becoming more and more popular as more breweries start to brew them. Wherever it goes in the next few years I’m looking forward to enjoying it

10. What is next for yourself and Brewheads?

I hope to hit some out of state beer fests soon and set up a BrewHeads booth. Premium Snifters are coming back really soon. Hop Leggings for the ladies are getting cut & sewn up… Winter Launch of the She’s Crafty Design. New Shirts and of course winter gear. More collaborations are in the works

More info about Brewheads can be found on their website

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