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Beavertown Brewery Opening

Today saw Beavertown brewery and tap room open up to the public for the first time. I am a huge fan of Beavertown and their beers and even though everyone I knew and their aunt was busy today I wanted to pop down and check out the new gaff which is now situated in Tottenham Hale. This is also my first live post from my phone to excuse and layout problems or errors!

As soon as I walked in I was greeted by the best pair of baps I have ever seen…  Two complimentary pulled pork slider burgers from Dukes kitchen, the excellent restaurant and original sight of brewing for Beavertown. They really tasted as good as they looked!

The first sight you’re welcomed by in the brewery is the huge stacks of colourful and beautifully designed new beaver cans, a insight to the future vision of Beavertown taking their product to the next level.

Scattered around the brewery are lots of benches, so there is loads of places to stop and sit while enjoying one of the many beers from the bar, giving it a very American brewery tap room feel.

The second half of the brewery is the new tap room bar, a small smart wooden bar with 10 draught beer taps full of great beer from the brewery joined by a large fridge full of special bottles beers and cans from head to toe. The walls surrounding this area have examples of the wonderful prices of art work that bless the Beavertown bottles and cans.

While at the bar you will stop in amazement at the sight of the new mothership engine to the brewery, brand spanking equipment surrounded my the sweet aroma of hops. It is much bigger than I had expected and a brewery of this size will help Beavertown move to the next level that I think it deserves to be at.

The staff were all very friendly even when it started to get really busy towards the time I left.

The beers that was on display were all amazing! I started off with Lemon Phantom, low in % but high I’m flavour this incredibly refreshing lemon flavoured beer is superb on a muggy day like today. I also had Pink Panther which I described as the best pink beer in the world and the amazing Rubus Maximus, a collaboration fruit beer with Beavertown and Wild Beer Co which was brewed with a tonne of raspberries! This was tart, smooth and was so good it wouldn’t be out of place on the shelf amongst the very best Belgian fruit beers, simply amazing! I finished the session of with the 9% ‘spresso which was smooth, dark, rich coffee stout which was again a very good beer!

I don’t know what the future opening times will be but I am sure to be down in the near future and I wish Logan and the team all the very best will developing the brewery into one of England’s finest!

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