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Beavertown Brewery – Double Chin 8.5%

In 2006 Leyton Orient beat Fulham in the FA Cup 2-1 in what was to be one of the most memorable games of my generation thus far. A reward for that win was a fourth round draw away at another London premiership club (at the time) Charlton. I was super excited as one of my good friends at the time was a Charlton fan and I had never seen us play them before. Unfortunately I had to wait a few years to see us play at The Valley. Due to an incredibly rare bad decision from (in my eyes) one of the best sports promoters of all time, Barry Hearn, it meant some “real” fans like myself missed out on tickets. In a combination of wanting to make as much money as possible and most likely in the excitement at the prospect of another giant killing he allowed people to buy as many tickets as one liked! This meant everyone came along for the ride, friends, colleagues and all those O’s fans who live in the woodwork. I wasn’t able to get a ticket and I was gutted. We lost 2-1 in the final seconds of the game. Barry learnt his lesson that day and since then I’ve not missed out on a ticket to a big game, gaining a list of great memories along the way. People learn from mistakes.

I knew the Beavertown birthday bash would be busy, who didn’t! I left home half expecting not to get in and the other half questioned if it was a good idea in case I did get in and it was so busy to the point it wouldn’t be enjoyable. The plan was to get there bang on opening time for an hours worth of beer, get as much of the incredible brews available then return after football. As soon as we got there I knew that plan wouldn’t happen! With a queue already reaching back round to the housing estate I could see it would take me as long as I had spare to get in. So the missus and I went elsewhere. I wasn’t angry, I didn’t feel a need to moan about it on social media as I was expecting it. When the ref finally put us Orient fans out of misery in Leyton down the road in Tottenham Hale Beavertown also blew the final whistle, using twitter to announce that they could not legally allow any more people in. So again, we went elsewhere drank great beers, had a good time and didn’t really grumble much about not being able to get in to Beavertown.


For me, at the end of the day they wanted a birthday bash with as many of their fellow friend brewers that would be remembered. They achieved that. They sold out, serving excellent beers to as many people as possible, those who got in seemed to have a good time. The party was on everyone’s lips for the whole weekend… Job done! I don’t see why there was so much beaver-bashing in the 48 hours following the party. Yes they could have done ticketing, yes they could have done two sessions. I’m sure if they ever throw another beer festival style event (and they should) they will look into this. But for people to say Beavertown should have known how busy it would be and done something about it, then really they should have also themselves known it would be super busy and that they should expect not to get in.


My friend that did get in was kind enough to get me a can of Double Chin, the celebrative brew for the party . As always with Beavertown beers the artwork on the can was superb. As soon as you crack the tinny you get this fresh cut grass and piney aroma flooding out the can. It pours a light gold colour with a white head.


I must admit it took a bit to get into the beer but after a few more sips I was digging it. But when I did have those sips I started getting my head around those huge hop flavours, big fresh pine cone aromas as you get tangerine and big oily bitterness flavours. There was a slight herbal flavour in the big chewy lingering bitter finish.


I’ve read a few people saying about an onion taste with Beavertown beers recently and I haven’t got it at all with their other beers but I did get a faint taste of what I think people were referring too but it wasn’t off putting. The abv is well hidden as this was far too easy drinking for 8.5%.


Its a great beer and perfect to celebrate 4 great years of Beavertown, the missus said it was the best beer she’s had in a long time. I look forward to raising a glass to Beavertown’s 5th birthday party and hopefully next year I’ll be able to get in, I’m still a Beaver-Believer!

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