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Beavertown Brewery – Barley Champagne EDIT *APPLELATION*


Way back last year Billericay Brewery put on a meet the brewer night with Logan from Beavertown, it was an awesome night and you can read about it here. On the night I bought a freshly brewed Barley Champagne, we had tried it on the night and it was new so I bought a bottle. What with going a little mental over the Christmas period when it came to buying beers it meant that still now in March I have loads of beers in my cellar (the space under my desk for my Technics 1210s!).

When I first tried this on the actual night we were a fair few beers in and if I am to be honest I didn’t know what to make of it… I did like it but I couldn’t really figure it out! Tonight however is a different story! It has been living in the fridge since Saturday and I am enjoying it on its own on a Wednesday night!


It is part of the Beavertown Alpha range, a range of experimental beers such as Imperial Lord Smog Almighty and the Spiced Pumpkin beer at Halloween, and this Barley Champagne certainly ticks the experimental box for all the good reasons! Beavertown use apples from Chegworth Valley Orchard in Kent and French Saison yeast to get a crisp refreshing champagne like Saison. It pours a orange gold with a big thick creamy head, bottled in larger bottles meant I could enjoy a pint as well as share some with the family. This beer really is a taste experience! I do get the feeling of champagne when it first hits my mouth then in the middle you feel that classic saison tast and although it uses French saison yeast I get a bit of that sweet Belgian taste, then after all that when its flowing down your neck you get this cider like taste from all the apples. It really is a taste sensation! I feel that I have done well to keep hold of it a bit longer and chill it as I think this tastes better than when I first had it.

It is a big beer at 8.7% although I do not think it feels that strength when drinking it so be warned on a warm summers day this would be perfectly dangerous!

Like many it is no secret that I am a huge fan of Beavertown beers but they really have got it right with this beer, its so different yet so tasty! I am not sure this is going to be everyone’s cup of tea however it is one of them beers you have to try, it is art in a bottle! I don’t know if you can still get hold of this beer but if you can then I really suggest you get one as it one of thee best experimental beers I have had!

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