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Batemans Brewery – BPA (Black Pepper Ale)


Put pepper in my beer you say? Are you having a laugh???

So I bought this beer as part of Sainsbury’s British Beer hunt range as many of people did, to be honest at the time I was so delirious about all this cheap different beer I didn’t even know what I had picked up!  When I got home I realised it was a pepper flavoured beer and thought it was a bit odd and it got pushed to the back of the list of beers to try next. My packet of pepper had actually fallen out of this bottle but it came with a sachet of pepper to sprinkle on your beer??!?!?


So tonight was the night to have it… Although I didn’t have my pepper sachet I still did put the pepper on the beer… And I loved it?! This is a great example of something that really shouldn’t work but does! The beer reminded me a lot of the Batemans XXXB but with a peppery taste (I did try some of the beer before I put the pepper on just in case) its very smooth slightly creamy with this warming peppery finish! Then when you add the pepper on top it really enhanced the pepper aroma and taste a little too!

It was lighter then I thought I guess being in a black bottle and being called a BPA I thought it might be really dark beer but it was a deep amber colour with a big foamy white head! Slightly carbonated and the head stayed nearly till the end of the drink.

The only bit I didn’t like as much was being left with the bits of pepper at the end of the beer which I necked and tried to forget about the bits (I am not a fan of orange juice with bits in either!) I think I am a bit of a fan of Batemans I really liked their vintage ale and love their Combine Harvest Ale, I also had a visit to the Palmerston Arms pub of theirs in Peterborough before the Orient game a few weeks ago too and thought it was a good pub!

Is the pepper a gimmick? Maybe I guess… I guess it could have been a stab in the dark from Batemansat providing something different to win the Sainsbury competition but I actually like it with the pepper in and don’t really see it as a gimmick as I think the taste can sell the beer alone. It isn’t a beer that you will drink all night long on a heavy session and my beer and food pairing knowledge is very limited but this actually went great with my bangers, mash and gravy!!!

Dare I say it I think I actually prefer this to the Batemans winner of the Sainsbury competition too! It is something different and won’t be to everyone’s taste but surely that is what makes it interesting isn’t it?

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