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Barney’s Beer – Sorachi Ace IPA 5%

Ermmmaaagward I lurrrvvee Sorachi Ace hops!!!


This is my first thought whenever I have a beer that is brewed with Sorachi Ace hops, I love it, its characteristics are so different to any other type of hop used in brewing. The Sorachi Ace hop was originally made in Hokkaidō, Japan in the late 1970’s however it wasn’t commercial till 1984 and not really available to USA to be used in Craft Beer till 2006!  So quite the new comer to be honest. It was created by combinging Brewer’s Gold and Saaz hops together and is named after its developers, Sorachi Subprefecture.


Barney’s Beer is a microbrewery located in Summerhall in Edinburgh and featured in this months Beer 52 box. The artwork first is so typically Japanese and is actually a collaboration with Japanese artist Ryoko Tamura. When the beer pours is a golden colour which is more on the darker shade of gold than light with a nice white head. The smells… oh the smells… Sorachi Ace has this unique smell for me its like blueberry muffins, slight bubblegum, lemon and dill! I cannot get enough of the scent of beers that use this hop. The taste is this creamy lemon body with a slightly bitter finish that really tingles on your tongue. This beer for me is banging!

Barney’s Beer have done a great job here and I think it is just as good as Brooklyn Brewery’s Sorachi Ace beer. Clearly though the hop isn’t to everyone’s liking as I know a few people who really dislike it, including my girlfriend who hasn’t liked a single beer she has tried yet using the hop! But as for me… I am well and truly on team Sorachi Ace and this is a beer I would love to have more and more of!


*Barney’s Beer Sorachi Ace is part of my monthly beer box from Beer52 which I am a subscriber of… if you would like to also sign up then use my discount code to get £10 off your first box and the opportunity to get an extra two free bottles at check out click here for the voucher*

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