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A second day in Bruges



We started the day with a nice supermarket bought brunch and sat outside the Basilica of the Holy Blood. Today lived up to the promise of what was to be a very busy day and we started it by looking at the beer wall of 2be. It has to be the ultimate holy grail of beer porn! over a 1,000 bottles of beer all partnered with its matching glass (excited? I certainly was!) The cellar shop was equally as mouth watering too but unfortunately I knew it would be some task getting it all through check in at Brussels on the Eurostar!

We then moved onto our first bit of non beer related educational visits … The Choco Story museum, learning has never been more tasty! Not a bad little museum but I have to admit I was more impressed with the Lego Duplo sets explaining different rich and creamy moments in the history of chocolate! After all that chocolate we needed to wash it down with something so we made our way to the Half Man brewery … now we are talking!

I do like Brugse Zot and the brune version but much like Leffe it is a very safe beer and possibly not first on my to try list when first looking at a beer menu. Having said that after tasting the unfiltered brew straight from the cafe taps I have come to enjoy and like the beer even more. We paid about 12 euros for the pair of us to do the tour and I heavily recommend this to anyone who is going to Bruges, our tour guide was great even though I couldn’t tell if she had really dry humor or if she was very hungover for work today! We was shown how they make Brugse Zot in the yesterdays and in modern times as well as being given a brief history on Belgian beer. Half way through the tour you are taken to the very top of the building to take advantage of its amazing view point! This bit here is worth the entrance price in itself! We was lucky enough to also witness one impressive sight of a rainbow covering the skies above Bruges. Once you make your way down to the cellars and back out to the start of the tour you come to the most important part of the tour … the tasting! Included in the price of the tour is a glass of Brugse Zot then you also get the chance to buy a glass of any of the other beers they do… the Brugse Zot brune, Straffe Hendrik triple and the AMAZING Straffe Hendrick quadruple!


After all that beery knowledge  we went for something very different… Ice Magic Discover the mystery ice sculpture exhibition which is the most fun I have had in minus 6 conditions since we lost my mate little Pete in the middle of a crate of frozen food back in my retail days! The sculptures was very impressive and an Instagramers photo dream come true! After half an hour and two goes on the huge ice slide we couldn’t handle the below freezing surroundings and what better way to warm up them ribs and beer…

Ribs and Beer an eat all you can spare ribs restaurant which has been rewarded with 5 stars on trip adviser! I started with the chocolate and beer sauce ribs which s way way way tastier then it sounds! After eating there I can understand why people from all over the world head to the internet to sing its praises. I ate a fairly respectable two and half portions of ribs an achievement (in my books) that was smashed to bits by the Australian fella who was sitting behind me … who ate (just in the time we was there) an astonishing 7 portions!!! I think his very own words are the best way to leave Ribs and beer … ‘Eat all you can ribs and beer … this is my idea of heaven!’…

We spent the rest of the night drinking in Cafe Rose Red … which quite frankly deserves a post of its own!

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