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#12beersofxmas Day 9 – Prairie Artisan Ales & Evil Twin Brewing Bible Belt

I seem to be working a day behind at the moment with #12beersofxmas but I will try my best to catch up tonight!


This one was actually rather cheekily had half hour before day 9… But it over lapped into day 9 while drinking so it counts! Plus this beer is too big not to have its own post! This isn’t the first time I have had the pleasure of drinking Bible Belt, my first was in Latvia at the previously reviewed ALEhouse in Riga, this was straight from the tap and it was amazing! So amazing I bought a bottle back as a present for my girlfriend (who was nice enough to share the bottle with me!) The second time I tried it was at the start of December in Craft in Pimlico, still as amazing but unfortunately more than double the money I paid for it in Latvia! So this third time I was to try it from the bottle and oh boy does all those incredible flavours from the two previous tasting from tap enhance when drank from the bottle!

It pours ink/oil black, the darkest of black beers I have poured and the head is so dark it almost looks a hint of purple (this may have been induced from a day of drinking!) The smells this beer produces are almost mind blowing, dark fruits, spices, coffee, chilli and dark chocolate all in one! The taste will blow you away too! Intense vanilla, herbal coffee, dark cooking chocolate, slight peppery tingle and this lovely warming chilli feeling!


I don’t know how easy it is to get hold of and I feel lucky I’ve been able to have it the three times that I have. The artwork on the bottle is a mixture of brilliant and bizarre which features cartoon pictures of the brewers. Sometimes I twitch or cringe slightly a little bit when people claim a beer to the best in the world as it’s all down to people’s preferences and opinions but for me this beer is that good, I certainly consider this to be one of the top three beers I have ever had in the world!


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