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#12beersofxmas Day 8 – Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout

Originally I wanted to bring everyone a live from the pub #12beersofxmas yesterday but as I was out with friends in Southend this proved almost impossible! Unfortunately Southend is a bit of a good beer wasteland! There were a few moments worthy of a mention, The Old Trout is head and shoulders above the rest for the quality and range of beers and I did have a ok beer in there called Knee Deep but not something I wanted to use for #12beersofxmas. Also I had a bottle of Brentwood Brewery in Pipe of Port and a Christmas beer in Hogshead but the craft beer movement or even demand for decent real ale has never made it down to sunny Southend, a place I spent most my misspent youth!


So I was really hoping that when I got back to my girlfriends, after a day with my friends, I was hoping she would let me raid the beer collections for something decent. And that I did!

Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout was first brewed in 1994 and is their version of a historical Russian imperial stout. It pours jet black like ink and the head is a real toasty brown, much like looking at a frothy coffee! The taste is incredible dark chocolate, roasted coffee, roasted malts and slight dark sweet fruits.

If this style of beer was good enough for Catherine the Great it’s good enough for me!

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