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#12beersofxmas Day 2 – Sint Canarus De Maeght Van Gottem

Day 2 of #12beersofxmas and today I am bringing this unique beer to the table… I picked this up in the Wine Factory in Chingford high street a month or so back and when I first bought it I didn’t even notice the little present inside the beer bottle! Thanks to my online beer buddy Kev aka Belgian Beer Geek he warned me that the hop inside the bottle makes this beer a bit of a “gusher” when opened… A hop inside the bottle??? I went and checked the bottle and there it was a single hop flower floating at the top of the bottle, somehow I missed the main part of this beer! Craft beer fans here I introduce to you dry dry hopping!


So with my advise that it is a bit of a gusher I opened this as slowly as I could… about 5 minutes worth of slow! And it still shot the hop out the bottle and frothed everywhere! So pours very very very frothy!!! It eventually died down and i kept a small head right till the end of the beer. It is a hazy orange pale golden colour although this has to be due it being shook up so much with the opening!


When you put your nose to the glass its like Belgian yeast just shot up out the glass, ripped your nostrils open and said “Yeah boy I am Belgian”! Strong Belgian sweat yeast smell!


The taste is quite grassy, fresh dank hop taste but has quite a sharp spiky bitter finish.

It is quite good… Nothing I am going to be talking to loads of people about how great it was but was nice enough. The talking point here is the hop in the bottle, which I am guessing is the whole reason the gimmick is there, to be spoken about! I guess it is fun, it is unique, it does make the taste very fresh or farm like but really when it comes down to it the main thing about this bottle hopped beer is… its a bloody pain to pour!

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