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#12beersofxmas Day 11 – Brewdog Mixtape 8

I am currently trying to play catch up as the 30th and 31st of December have flown by and I kind of feel like I have fell at the last two hurdles! So the first catch up beer is Brewdog’s Mixtape 8. This was another gift from my best pal (two #12beersofxmas gifts from him makes him a very good friend indeed!), this gift for my birthday back in April.


I had never heard of it before it was given to me so I was excited to try. The artwork on the box and bottle is incredible! A real eye catcher and deserves to be up on the wall. It pours a ruby red and the smell is very sweet malt, strawberry jam and sugar candy! Initial taste was overpoweringly sweet malt, however it grew on me. It’s described as a Belgian triple mixed with an American IPA which has aged in single whiskey barrels for two years, I don’t get any hop flavour that you would get from an IPA. For me it’s more like a strong sweet malty barley wine. Never the less it’s a very enjoyable slow drink. Sweet malt, Kwak like sugar candy and syrup flavours.


It has a strong taste but not tasting like 14.5% more like a 9% beer! I’ve seen some ludicrousness online about people paying €200 for a bottle in America… No beer is worth that! But this is a beer worth a try if the chance pops up and I’m grateful to have that chance.

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