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#12beersofxmas Day 1 – Brouwerij De Prael Willy

So here we go I am joining the gang of beer elves and getting involved with the #12beersofxmas… And if you are going in you got to go in big… And for me this is one of my favourite beers I have ever had!


It’s a risky first beer because I have only had this once and it was actually in the browerij De Prael in Amsterdam and it was like love at first taste! But was it the fact I had a few beers previously that day, or the amazing atmosphere in the brewery bar or that holiday break feeling that made me love this beer so much. It was one of those beers I thought back to and just instantly loved the memory and was up there in top three best beers I have ever had, so the question is now a year or more later do I still have that love at second taste…


Like all of De Prael’s beer Willy is named after old Dutch pop stars and Willy is from Willy Alberti and here’s big willy himself….


De Prael’s willy is a big 11.5% quadruple. It’s a deep black colour with burnt caramel highlights that pours a nice head which quickly disappears. On your nose you get that rich plum, muscovado sugar and dried fruit… Very Christmas in fact! Taste wise this is licorice, those dries fruits again, alcohol (but a good warmth), quite sweet and has an after feel to your mouth like you get from hot spices. For those who remember those old panda licorice healthy treats think them! It’s quite similar to the feeling when drinking a red wine too so I think this would even appeal to some of our wine friends.


The big question is, do I still feel the same way I do about this beer now as I did last year back in Amsterdam? Well it’s a big fat red santa hell yeah! This beer is gorgeous! It’s the perfect way to start this cool project and it’s a beer I hope that people get to try as I haven’t seen it about too much but if ever in Amsterdam a visit to De Prael is a must!

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